Week 4 - Dec 30th, 2020 - How-To Videos
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Required - How To Record a Proper Neighborhood Real Estate Statistics Video - Handout - Week 4/5 of #8WeekSuccess - shared Jan 2nd, 2021
Download Handout before viewing Video - In this One-Hour How-To Video I bring to the attention of Prospecting Real Estate Agents the importance of understanding the basic Statistics of Neighborhoods’ Values; the importance of Statistical Significance; the three important Real Estate Statistics; the proper definition of the Median Home Price, and that of the Median Days of Market. Armed with this important knowledge, that is easily looked up; I ask the Real Estate Professional to record a video and share locally to those thinking about Buying of Selling in said Neighborhoods. This is called Demonstrating Expertise.
Very Important Not Required - Phone Canvassing with Just Listed and Just Sold Prospecting Scripts - Handout - Week 4/5 of #8WeekSuccess - shared Dec 31st, 2020

Download Handout before viewing Video - In this One-Hour How-To Video I focus on Phone Prospecting. Prospecting in Real Estate is never relegated to a secondary activity; it always comes first. There are times when Canvassing Door to Door is not possible; then Phone Canvassing is the natural Replacement. In this video we will learn three similar Scripts to canvass for future Sellers using a Just Listed or Just Sold Listing; and learn to do it in the right sequence without being overtly Salesy.

Required - Inbound Marketing Synthesis - Fundamentals of Search, SEO, and Keywords - Week 4 of #8WeekSuccess - shared Dec 30th, 2020

You have been asked, on a Weekly basis, to watch a video focused on the concepts of Inbound Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Hyperlinks, Search Marketing, and ultimately Lead Generation using your Web Container. In order for us to make progress on the big Internet Marketing Topics of Landing Pages, Blogging, Squeeze Pages, and PPC Campaigns, I am going to give you a Quick Overview and Synthesis of the 4 videos you have watched so far.

Inspirational Not Required - Take Responsibility to Make your Life Happen - Week 4 of #8WeekSuccess - shared Dec 30h, 2020

You must realize as an Entrepreneur that you need to Take Responsibility for your Business and Go to Work. No One is going to give you anything – you have to take it and earn it. Success is Yours – Go Get It!

Inspirational Not Required - Fulfillment is Not a Strategy; Fulfillment is an Art - by Tony Robbins - Week 4 of #8WeekSuccess - shared Dec 30th, 2020

Many pieces have to fit for Success to emerge, and we all know that; and most of those pieces can be learned or obtained with proper Strategy – yet one of the pieces, namely Fulfillment, is something within – it is connected to the Art of Living – not to the strategy of Achievement. In this 9’ video Tony Robbins shares his insights on this dichotomy and truly touches the fundamental thought that we are responsible for our State of Being!

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Week 4
Dec 30th, 2020

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Gratefulness - Abundance - Love
In this 2’ inspirational video the theme of Gratefulness repeats itself and is connected to Abundance, Love, and the energy of uplifting others in our lives. We see the world through filters, and are not aware that we are imposing on ourselves how we see things – Negativity brings more negativity – Abundance spreads and is returned with more abundance…
On the Creative Process and Perseverance by Ira Glass
How do you approach the Creative Process and become more accomplished? In this insightful video Ira Glass shares insights between the distinction of doing Good Work and our Taste and Ambition; they will not match as we endeavor to get better, but the volume of work we do with passion closes that gap. Perseverance is our friend – we must embrace it! Thank you Ira Glass for your wisdom.
I Discipline my Mind and my Emotions

I am the one who decides; I am the one who will push myself; what matters is what is in front me and I will go all out… I can, I Can, I CAN, and I WILL…

Add-On Video: Understanding the Role of Credit, Loans, Interest Rates, and Cash in our US Economy - NOT Required Viewing

In this insightful 31' video Ray Dalio, Philanthropist and World largest Hedge Fund Manager, explains the role Credit, Loans, Debt, Interest Rates, Cash, and Earning influence our economy. This type of understanding is very important for our Real Estate Professionals to comprehend - they are, after all, the front line of all Real Estate Transactions.


If you are not Falling You are Not Learning - Lesson on Resilience

This is Katherine Beattie, the first Woman to do a Wheelchair Backflip, let her teach us some lessons on Resilience. Your Real Estate Career will require a huge dose of Resilience and Persistence. I can share that I thought Katherine's biggest challenge was to be in a Wheelchair, yet she illuminates that her Biggest Adversity was Needing and Wanting a Wheelchair and Not Being able to have one... But the idea that she reinforced in me was that falling is part of learning - Way to Go Katherine Beattie, you make this world a better place...
What Makes a Good Life? by Robert Waldinger
What keeps us happy and healthy as we go through life? If you think it's fame and money, you're not alone – but, according to psychiatrist Robert Waldinger, you're mistaken. As the director of 75-year-old study on adult development, Waldinger has unprecedented access to data on true happiness and satisfaction. In this talk, he shares three important lessons learned from the study as well as some practical, old-as-the-hills wisdom on how to build a fulfilling, long life.
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