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The Whole Office Summer 2023 #10WeekTraining Program
for Real Estate Agents - PDF 

Designed by Listings Trainer and Production Coach Key Yessaad

3-Month Training for the Whole Office

The Summer 2023 #10WeekTraining Program known by the official name: “The Whole Office Agents Production #10WeekTraining Program - Summer 2023” was designed to Focus our Agents on the importance of Listings and Sales. Learning to Get Listings and Overcoming the Fear of Rejection are Skills; Learned Skills; Applied Skills; and are anchored in the Building of Confidence. Some of the topics covered: Strategic Time-Blocking; Branding; Production Mindset; Phone Canvassing; Listings Scripts; Face-to-Face Prospecting; Event Marketing; CRMs; Leads Conversion; and much much more… #ProductionMindset #GeneratingSales #Key10Week 

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*New Video: Key Shares with Brokers the Details of the Summer 2023 #10WeekTraining Program

☐  Total of 10 Sessions - 5 Live in the Office and 5 Self-Directed Video Trainings.

☐  All Live Classes are Wednesdays @ 11am EST (10am CST) to 12:15pm. Log in to Live Sessions starts at 10:45am EST.

☐  Program Dates Live Sessions: (Brokers/Admins encouraged to participate) Wednesday, June 14th then, June 28th, Jul 12th, July 26th, and August 9th.

☐  Self-Directed Video Training Sessions: Week of June 5th then, June 19th, July 3rd, July 17th, and July 31st.

Program open to all EXIT Offices, whether you have taken a previous #10WeekProgram or Not. I alternate between 2 #Key10Week Training Programs during the year; and each program has its own unique Classes; Topics; and Strategies.

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*New Video: The Main Topics and Benefits for Real Estate Agents in Key’s Summer 2023 #10WeekTraining 


*New Video: The Building Blocks of Developing in our Agents a Production Mindset -- Summer 2023 #10WeekTraining Program

Inspirational - Success is an Accumulation of Little Tiny Efforts - #8WeekSuccess #KeyProspecting - Shared October 2021
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Here are some EXIT Brokers you may wish to ask about the Effectiveness of the #10WeekTraining Program: Craig Summerall, Russell McGuire, Jeff Mistretta, Jessica Low, Howard Kronthal, Wendy Ronberg, Steve Yoston, Kimberly Plourde, Leah Musheyeva, Brandy Brown, John Beltramea, Josh Foster, Robert MacCallum, Barbara Murphy, and many many more…

“Key has great Energy, Humor, Upbeat and keeps your attention and knows his wheelhouse well! You can tell he is truly passionate about what he does.” – Kisha P.

“THANK YOU for pouring into us. You have made a difference and I am excited to see how your training will help us all grow and slay our goals!” – Julie G

“Pretty Comprehensive, whether new to real estate or brushing up the old skills.” – Denise F.

“This has filled in the in between gaps of every other training I’ve ever taken. While being business focused and still personable and entertaining.” – Hailey R.

“I've really enjoyed the training - it has made me think about my business in a different light, and the scripts for new leads was an eye opener for me.  I am beginning to understand that I have put entirely too much pressure on myself and I've been trying to "make the sale" rather than becoming a trusted advisor.” – Debbie B

“It is a great reminder of the things learned in the 8 week bootcamp. I like the structure of the 10 week program because it weeds out those who are serious and those who are not. You have self-directed activities... if you are not disciplined to do the work... how can you ever be disciplined to have purposeful planning and service to your prospects and clients. This program gets you back to the basics of what is important in real estate. Serving our clients.” – Kelli T.

About Key Yessaad:

Key Yessaad is a Highly Skilled Real Estate Strategist and Educator, with over 20 years of Experience empowering Agents to develop the Skills and Habits they need to Achieve Success. He is a Listings' Strategist, Production Coach, and has created Innovative Training Programs and Success Approaches such as the #10WeekTraining Programs and the Boot-Camp Success Workshops. Key is passionate about helping Agents master Skills such as Time-Blocking, Sales Conversion, Building Confidence, Handling Objections, Scripts, Lead Generation, Closings, and Listings Success. With Key as your guide, you too can Unleash your Full Potential and Attain Greatness in your Career. 910-538-6610 -


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