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Real Estate Internet Strategy exceeds the design needs of your website?

Posted by Key Yessaad on June 18, 2009 at 11:10 PM

Real Estate Internet Strategy exceeds the design needs of your website…

Real Estate Internet StrategyIt never fails… As a Real Estate Web Strategist, Brokers and Realtors seek my opinion and consent on the look of their websites… and I do understand their need for such an assessment... After all we all seek validation…

Deep down I want to tell them: “I don’t care; it matters little;” but I don’t have the heart to be that blunt… After all, as a trainer and coach, I am driven to inspire Realtors to produce Results on the internet!!!

So what is the truth???

Design and Aesthetics do matter… But if you are lacking function and strategy the exercise is for NOT!!!

If your efforts don’t lead to Google Visibility then you are worried about being “liked” and not focused on what your Buyers, Sellers, and Search Engines care for most!!! (In fact, I say: “Google forces you to take care of your clients… so, will you?”;)

Your Real Estate Strategy must lead to Google and back to your Real Estate Tools and Services, the ones your customers are craving… So please talk about design and looks, and do get excited when your logo and your photo look good, but let’s not pretend that’s The Journey you are supposed to undertake to succeed online…

I hate the term SEO, Search Engine Optimization, because it leads many to think that Internet Visibility is a rigged game… but time and time again I have proven to brokers and realtors that such visibility is organic… so ask yourself: how can I serve my buyers and sellers in my local Real Estate Market… emphasis on “Local…”

So are you asking such questions?

As a previous Art Director for an advertising Agency in New York City with 10 years of experience I am here to tell you that most Realtors and Brokers are focused on the wrong thing… do you want me to share a secret with you… you are not going to like it… but if you have read this far then I owe you that much… Advertisers and Marketers understand that Real Estate Professionals are vane: “Their ego is bigger than their business…” so if you want to sell them something show them goods and services that promote their name, pictures, and egos and they will pay you a bundle of money… in fact many of them are told and believe: “The Real Estate Business is about the Realtor – not the customers…”

Am I right?

The days of the web being about your ego are over unfortunately… The internet pays those who serve their Buyers and Sellers with Internet tools that are localized and lead to the satisfaction of the user… and at the heart of it is Google… Are you trained to go beyond your ego???

So is this Blog Self-serving… YES!!!

I want your broker to hire to train you on the right Web Strategy… and ask you to be as candid with your clients as I am with you… they can read your intention anyway… so be competent and honest!!! Ask the Realtors and Brokers who have attended my Training Seminars and you will understand that they are in touch with something larger than products and vendors...

I welcome your comments… and truly wish you the best in 2009!!!

Joan Hileman - Exit Realty South “What a fabulous training session!! Knowing that I needed to get on the website “bus” before it got completely out of sight was my motivation to attend your training session here in Charlotte on January 5th. My 2009 motto: New Year and New Strategies for Success. I not only learned valuable information that I will be able to put to use right away ( Can you say Blogging..Where Content is King!) you have excited me about diving in to this heretofore scary place. After your enthusiastic and thorough training, the only people who aren’t motivated to get rolling with this are either dead or in a coma. Thank you and I look forward to your next training session here in Charlotte in February.” - Joan Hileman.
Nancy Winters - Exit Realty Advantage “Your Web Strategy training was one of the best trainings I’ve ever taken. I’m so glad I attended. The information was exactly what I’ve been looking for and your style of teaching is superb. With your sheer enthusiasm and extremely valuable information, I would find it truly impossible for anyone to fall asleep in one of your classes! I look forward to your class on Blogging. Thank you so much!” - Nancy Winters.

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