Real Estate Database Strategy Training

How to stay in touch with Clients and Convert Sales!!! Outlook, eMail, Contact & Database Management... (The Necessary Real Estate Habits!)
The training is designed to help REALTORs devise the right strategy and help them use the right tools and habits to stay in touch with their customers. Let’s agree that tools are as good as the user's knowledge but more importantly their diligence, consistency, and repeated assiduous approach…

The Real Estate Business is a Referral Business and any strategy that helps Real Estate Professionals stay in touch with their clients, old and new, creates the conditions for success… So are you all over the place with your to-do list, your tasks, worse your emails?

Did you know that the biggest complaint our customers say about us is “We do a poor job of staying in touch with them…” – We must not only create the conditions for communications but have the tools that satisfy and cause our clients to recommend us…
If you are using Outlook, and/or a similar Database Management System this is the training for you… worse if you are using the contact manager in your phone and getting nowhere – then this training is definitely for you!!!

Trainer Commitment: To un-shackle REALTORs from the fear of technology and bring clarity to the proper use of communication and internet tools to their day-to-day business...

Course Description: (please read what follows to understand the intention of the course.)

Most Realtors have a poor relationship with their emails and lose countless number of Leads and Sales due to poor tools and habits. Time to end this madness and relate to your tools to help your Buyers and Sellers Organically!!!

Successful Real Estate Professionals understand that the business of Real Estate is the Business of People - in other words The Referral Business. Unfortunately most Realtors are lost in a mountain of Data and don’t know how to use the tools of organization that actually produce results... Remember it is our job to stay in touch with our current and past clients... (NOT theirs…)

This course focuses on the Technology side of this undertaking... this is an illuminating Training Session for many Real Estate Professionals and is driven by proven how-to skills that will unleash your creativity to stay in touch with your clients.

You will learn:

        What is a Database? In Fact what is a good Real Estate Database?
        What is Outlook? Is it different than Outlook Express?
        How to use email productively? (The Nuts & Bolts of the Class)
        How to tame Outlook?
        How do I handle Contacts and why? (Must Learn!!!)
        How do I become a Better Decision Maker? (You’ll love this?)
        Why am I drowning in emails and how to rescue myself?
        What are substitute products to Outlook and how do I decide?
        How about portable devices – what should I keep in mind?
        Cool Tips and Tricks to become a savvy Outlook User – They are really nifty!
        And much much more…

I consider this class a Strategy Class not just a How to Class - so for you guys with Personal Assistants you may want to consider showing up and bring your assistant! If you understand the strategy you will be able to help your Assistant assist you in the implementation.

PS: This Training is NOT designed for agents who are seeking Manipulative Scripts or shortcuts to Success.

Key Yessaad Testimonials:

  • "I don't have many man-crushes, but I have to let everyone know that I owe Key Yessaad a lot for opening my mind to his training. I first thought it was BS until I sat in his fir..."
    Mike Grumbles, Realtor in Brentwood, TN
    Key's Trainings are First Class and Produce Results
  • "You are amazing and I learned so much in one day. Thank you for sharing all that knowledge and embarrassing me standing in front of all those just kidding. Thank yo..."
    Linda Takadiyi, Realtor in Plano TX
    You are Amazing and I learned a lot...
  • "Thanks a Bunch Key Yessaad! The techniques that I learned working with you have been a huge help to me and my clients...This home in the blog closed in less than one month (toda..."
    Steve Manley, Realtor in Franklin, TN
    The techniques that I learned from you work!
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