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Yes, it is ok to breakup with "Stress!" - Expect and Accept that your Real Estate Career comes with Ups and Downs and Affirm that you can handle it! Those who handle the pressure are not necessarily smarter than you - they ride the waves by avoiding to add too much meaning to the negative. Start with this tip: Do something for yourself when you first wake up and avoid jumping into checking emails immediately. - #keyideas

shared July 25th, 2016

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If we accept that we are all "Pure Potential" for the endeavors we choose to thrive in - then maybe Failure is simply "Doing Less than we Can!"; especially when we know what needs to be done. - #keyideas

shared June 29th, 2016

Could you enhance your Self-Worth by nourishing your mind with good books? How about by surrounding yourself with positive friends? How about by Sleeping a little more and watching TV a little less? Your Self-Worth affects directly your Real Estate Income; and you can do something about it! - #keyideas

shared June 27th, 2016

Those who choose to Learn end up learning faster than those who are dragged to a training and forced to learn. Learning is truly a choice the learner makes; not the manager nor the owner... Yes, tell your teams what classes could help them grow their business; but bribing them to attend accomplishes only one thing - their physical body will be present - and their minds will be closed. - #keyideas

shared June 25th, 2016

Refine your focus; refine your daily activities; implement ideas from good business coaches - because 'now' is the time to create your next 10 years! Are you reading the right books that will nourish your mind and create your future income? Become a Self-Motivated person with a clear purpose - STOP waiting for others to motivate you! - #keyideas

shared June 23rd, 2016

Don't be a follower, Be a Learner... 'Where you are' is permanent if you stop learning; 'Where you are' defines you if you stop reading and nourishing your mind; 'Where you are' is also a choice based on your habits. Are you where you want to be? If the answer is Yes, then show the path to others... - #keyideas

shared June 21st, 2016

You should absolutely outgrow your Teachers, Business Coaches, Trainers, Managers, Mentors, etc. - To not do so is to remain stuck in an old interpretation of yourself. You are who you choose to forge; you are on your own journey crafted by you; and those of good will who have helped you along the way are a blessing. - #keyideas

shared June 18th, 2016

Today is June 30th time for a Mid-Year Correction for your 2016 Business Plan. Let's face some tough questions as Real Estate Agents, Brokers, and Trainers; Am I on track with my Business Plan emotionally and statistically? Am I nourishing my career with good ideas, good books, and good people? What small habits should I undertake to get myself out of a rut? and I finally re-commit to this: I will achieve my Goals because I deserve and have the courage to succeed! - #keyideas

shared June 30th, 2016

Is it difficult to make a Decision when you are an entrepreneur or a Real Estate Agent/Broker? Yes! - But keep this in mind, it is worse NOT to make a Decision and hope that your transactions will benefit you based on silence - oh my, Much much Worse! - Welcome to Real Estate Negotiation Reality! - #keyideas

shared June 28th, 2016

The agony to be the #1 Real Estate Agent may be a drive for some; but for me turning Real Estate Transactions into a long-term career of Referrals, Service, Listings, and Good Work has a beauty I will always nurture. If you choose to wake up in the morning, Day in and Day out, and Go through the Grind of Real Estate and earn a good living - then in my book you are a Success! - #keyideas

shared June 26th, 2016

Cynicism creates doubt and can wound the best of intentions of Entrepreneurs; Cynicism is easy - Gratitude requires intention! When you doubt yourself; no matter what training or coaching you are given it will wane, it will seem like nothing is ever sufficient - catch cynicism by the tail and fling it to oblivion; it is not helping you become a better Realtor. - #keyideas

shared June 24th, 2016

Happiness is not something that is illusive - it is possibly simply the discipline of doing that which you have committed to. Happiness does not require inspiration - Happiness reveals itself in the things you do and choose to focus your actions on; and it starts today; yes today. Why not today? - #keyideas

shared June 22nd, 2016

True Knowledge, Competence, and Confidence are in the domain of those who have the hunger to learn - then take what they have learned and put it to work without regard to mistakes cropping up; challenges being confronted; nor ridicule from not succeeding the first few times. Results always emerge for those who choose Resilience of Implementation! - #keyideas

shared June 20th, 2016

You do not have to worry about what it takes to achieve Great Things in Business; focus instead on doing small things with Great Passion and Deliberate Intent! Remember Big achievements are made up of small victories performed daily with Clarity of Purpose! - #keyideas

shared June 16th, 2016

A simple Question to uncover your courage as a Realtor: "Why Not You?" - You have the brains, you have chosen to become an Entrepreneur, you are taking courses that help you become a better Agent; - so why not you in terms of Success; in terms of getting Listings; in terms of generating no less than 20 deals a year; in terms of fulfilling the American Dream for those around you - Why not you?! - #keyideas

shared June 15th, 2016

Obsession over Perfection is not only the enemy of Progress; it is at times The enemy of 'The Good.' I have met thousands of people who are not perfect - yet their being is Good; their intentions are Sincere; yet some of them believe that they will achieve their dreams by pursuing Perfection - which is exactly what is keeping them from doing so... - #keyideas

shared June 11th, 2016

Does creating new Success Habits cause Pain? Yes; you will definitely experience discomfort... But think about the cost of Not having the courage to do so!

You never want to become numb towards your goals - bring them to life; You deserve to succeed and make the lives of those around you better! Start making a difference by working on yourself! - #keyideas

shared June 9th, 2016

No worthwhile Discipline is ever pleasant at the time you take it on - let's not kid ourselves, a true Discipline will engender pain - but it will build your spine up; reveal the Courage of your convictions; and help you Punch hopelessness in the face because you now have a plan! - #keyideas

shared June 6th, 2016

The ability to make Progress is paramount in the life of an Entrepreneur or a Realtor - Progress is simple to understand and integrate - if I have 100 steps to get where I need to be; I will work on step 1 (One); do it well and go to step 2 (Two) and do it well; and so on... - never allowing any anxiety of what is left to be done; yet feeling good about my small accomplishments because I am doing them to the best of my abilities. - #keyideas

shared June 5th, 2016

Don’t you dare Not to have the Courage to make a lot of money while being a Realtor… You are not making money just for yourself, you are succeeding to make a difference in those you care about and your community! - #keyideas
shared June 2nd, 2016

Change your Attitude and it will change the world around you - Change your attitude and you will change everyone around you... You are not actually changing anyone per se, you are choosing to no longer allow the filter of 'Negativity' color the possibility and beauty of 'Goodness!' - #keyideas

shared May 31st, 2016

Failure is an Event not a Lifetime Curse - Is it possible that you blew it last week on a Business Deal? Sure - but why are you letting it define you? You are not here to be perfect - you are here to show up and do it again, and again; that's when results and accomplishments start wrapping their magical tentacles around you - Today is really a brand new day if you choose it to be! - #keyideas

shared May 30th, 2016

You cannot control the daily happenings of your Business Conditions, nor the ever changing Local Real Estate Ups and Downs - but you can control the daily activities you choose to wake up to do; simply because you choose to... 'Momentum Towards Success' is an invitation you give yourself to wake up to be a 'Person of Value!' - for no other reason other than you saying so! - #keyideas

shared May 28th, 2016

Develop 'Strong Value' in the Services you offer your clients by continuously Learning and Working on your craft and you will get paid - But never forget to become a 'Person of Value' by working on yourself; Nourishing your Mind with Good thoughts; Surrounding yourself with thoughtful positive people; and by becoming a dependable person! - #keyideas

shared May 27th, 2016

Preparation for a 'Good Day' need not be driven by the anxiety of how many contracts one ends up with; Simply block your time for 2 to 3 hours of Prospecting Activities and enjoy the ride - the results will flow naturally. Remember this saying by Edison: "We should remember that good fortune often happens when opportunity meets with preparation." - #keyideas

shared May 26th, 2016

Expertise: The desire to excel as a Real Estate Professional and not accept anything less than an outstanding face to face Presentation. Will you demand Excellence from yourself in every aspect of your Career? Excellence and Expertise are measured, not by the results, but by the commitment to Preparation and Activities Performed! - #keyideas

shared May 25th, 2016

Enthusiasm is genuine when you are connected to Passion and the Desire to wake up full of Joy to make a difference in others... This Genuine Willingness to nurture others 'is' who you are! Your Enthusiasm does need to be loud nor obnoxious - most of your enthusiasm is unheard, it is inside of you, it motivates you, and you are driven to plant a seed in others that you will get the Job Done! - #keyideas

shared May 24th, 2016

How many Real Estate Professionals are willing to do whatever it takes to succeed? This number will demoralize you - it is less than 3%; Why is it so? Because Confidence is built by being in front of people and avoiding hiding in the office behind email to reach clients... and Less than 3% of Agents are willing to work on their Courage; and Yes the feeling of Rejection is part of that journey - We must, as Brokers and Managers, push our agents towards the uncomfortable - not just the efficient! - #keyideas

shared May 23rd, 2016

Ponder this Wow thought: The person who knows 'How' to run Systems will always have a job; The Person who knows 'Why' will always be his or her boss! - #keyideas

shared May 22nd, 2016

Where does Self Confidence come from? The little things you do daily - but you go out of your way to do them extremely well! These little victories will build up over time and will start making you feel good about yourself! Small Daily Habits performed with intent will build you up from the inside out! - #keyideas

shared May 21st, 2016
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