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About Key Yessaad,

I have designed a series of Trainings that tackle the necessary understanding required by agents to compete on the internet. These trainings focus on Web Strategy, Internet Marketing, and Social Media Integration.

To train, inspire, and empower Real Estate Professionals succeed are my passion. I have a niche area of expertise which is the combination of Real Estate Web Strategy and Systems Implementation... I derived my focus based on the realization that tools abound but results are few and far between...

The synthesis of several years as the Business Manager, CFO, and Web Trainer of a Real Estate Company with 5 offices and over 100 agents gives me insights on what works and the bad habits that haunt Realtors in their career. I have designed a series of Real Estate Training Seminars to bring back much needed professionalism in the field of Real Estate...

I am not known for talking agents into a Real Estate Career; in fact I find that some should be talked out it; and the sooner the better... there is a hunger in the marketplace for Real Estate Professionals - those with the ethics, stamina, and commitment to help the community benefit from thoughtful Real Estate Growth.

Key Yessaad

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North Carolina Real Estate Agents

Is this the Predicament your Website is in?

  1. You bought an awesome website.

  2. You keep buying more add-ons and tools to rank well.

  3. You pay monthly subscriptions to more and more services…

  4. You are truly committed to helping your Buyers and Sellers Online…

  5. Everyone else is talking about Leads and how they get them…

But you seem to stand still… you hear a lot of noise but it confuses you more and more…

Every email that supposed to show you the real stuff is a trick to sell you more stuff…

STOP This Madness and Educate Yourself!!!

I don’t have anything to sell – I train Real Estate Professionals to take charge of their Real Estate Strategy… Best of all I am someone who has spend nearly 5 years running a Real Estate Agency and know how to generate those leads…

So how many spots away from page 1 of Google are you?

Do you want to know how you currently rank for your Specific Keyword? Text me your website and the Keyword your customers are typing into Google and I will email you your current Page Rank and Google Position.

Do remember ranking well is only Step 1 of a Successful Web Strategy; Lead Generation and conversion is your bread and butter…

Real Estate Internet Marketing Trainings

The Real Estate Marketing Trainings I designed assist the Real Estate Professional take Charge of his or her Internet Visibility, and put them on a path to capturing the top niche ranking with Search Engines - namely Google. Learn the proper ways to market Real Estate on the Internet.

Real Estate Internet Strategy Training - Internet Marketing Success Real Estate Internet Strategy Training
Building your Real Estate Office online is not a separate endeavor from your physical business office; in fact your Internet presence is your business! So how do you go about attracting Google and Clients to you? right I said Google… with 75%+ of all Internet Searches starting on Google you cannot effort to be invisible. How do you build an integrated Web Strategy that serves your Sellers and Buyers and is driven organically by Internet Search?
Real Estate Blogging Strategy Training - Internet Traffic Visibility Success Real Estate Blogging Strategy Training
Are you driving Traffic to your website and creating the best exposure for your Listings? How about your Buyers - Are you the Community Expert? How do I use the right Blogging Techniques to help me become Internet Visible? this is the essence of Internet Marketing and Blogging Results. Learn what Google and Search Engines are looking for in Blogs in order to Index them... in fact if you Blog once a week the right way you will be on Page 1 of Google - enough said?
Real Estate Social Networking Training - Driving Google to your website using Social Media

Real Estate Social Networking Training
How to Drive Google, Search Engine Traffic, and your Customers to your Website using Social Media and Networking Websites.
Social Networking Websites such as FaceBook and Twitter connect us to the people we know - Isn't time to connect with Google; The Closer we are to Google the Closer our Customers are to us…
My question to you is: What if Google was one of your Social Networking Friends? Think about this: What if every time you had something special to share Google told everyone for you? and I mean Everyone on the Internet…

Real Estate Database Strategy Training - Stay in Touch and Convert Sales Real Estate Database Strategy Training
How to stay in touch with Clients and Convert Sales!!! Outlook, eMail, Contact & Database Management... (The Necessary Real Estate Habits!) The training is designed to help Real Estate Professionals devise the right strategy and help them use the right tools and habits to stay in touch with their customers. Let’s agree that tools are as good as the user's knowledge but more importantly their diligence, consistency, and repeated focused approach…
Real Estate Web Advanced Training - Google Visibility and Links, Links, Links Real Estate Web Advanced Strategy Training
Google Visibility is about proper links... You have heard that content is king; so how do you go about adding it so Search Engines can find you? This One-Day Workshop was designed for Realtors who have the proper Website and understand that working on your website is part of your business routine… “But I have content that comes with my website?” you say… and so does everyone else… Generic content leads nowhere; those who optimize it the right way will become visible…

Brokers and Realtors Testimonials about Key Yessaad - Read personal testimonials from those who attended Key's Training Sessions as well as their Brokers. I invite you to call them and request that they share their personal experiences and results.

Key Training in Beaufort SC 12/11/2008
Key Training in Beaufort South Carolina at the Invitation of Greg Bennett of Exit Realty of Beaufort.