Key Yessaad, Real Estate Prospecting Coach,
Mind-Set Trainer, and Business Strategist

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Key Yessaad is a Real Estate Mind-Set Trainer, Prospecting Coach, Mentor, Listings’ Strategist, and creator of the #KeyWorkshops Success Practices. Key has been a Trainer and Business Coach for the past 2 decades focusing especially on empowering Agents develop the Skills and Habits of Getting Listings, Time-Blocking, Sales Conversion, Building Confidence, Internet Marketing, Handling Objections, Lead Generation, Closings, and Listings Success. (910) 538-6610 - 


The 4 Major Areas of My Focus
as a Mind-Set Trainer

#KeyWorkshops – I hold All-Day, Live, In-Person Strategy Workshops on many important Real Estate Topics; such as: “Prospecting, Scripts, Local Phone and Face to Face Canvassing.” “Business Planning, Time Blocking, and the Prospecting Mindset.” “The Mindset, Scripts, Approach, and Delivery of a Proper Listing Presentation.” “Leads’ Conversion, CRMs, and The Multi-Touch Follow Up Plan.” and more… More Details...

#10WeekTraining – I Offer two (2) Alternating Programs I've designed to offer training to the Whole Office. Each Program is about 3 Months Long, and I offer 4 a year. One I call the Standard Winter and Summer #10WeekTraining and the Other I named The Spring and Fall #10WeekTraining. The Topics are different for both Programs, and I envision an office having the program Live via Video Conferencing; 3 Months with one Program and 3 months with the Other.
Link to: Spring 2023 Key #10WeekTraining 

#KeyCoachingOne-on-One Coaching is NOT for everyone; it requires a Major Commitment on both Parties and Results MUST be Achieved. I only Select 3 to 5 Brokers, Team Leaders, or Individual Realtors a Year to Coach. The first Step is the filling out of an Extensive Questionnaire and lay down the Markers of Success. I am Primarily an Activity Coach; Action and Homework is baked-in with every commitment I undertake. Please, Only Serious Inquiries.


Key Philosophy and Background

The Currency of Success in Real Estate is Confidence; and the more our Talented Agents are able to Ask for Business with Confidence; Proper Delivery of Scripts; and Strategic Preparation; the more they will earn and in turn will attract more talented agents. Getting Listings is a Skill; a Multi-Layered Skill driven by Intention and a Prospecting Playbook – Let’s endow your Agents with the Right Strategies and your Businesses will Grow!

The Crux of Success in Real Estate is the mixture of Business Planning, Prospecting, Presentation, Follow-Up, and Accountability. Anyone who tells you that a Real Estate Career is a Breeze is sadly mistaken; it is a rewarding career, but only for those who develop the Mindset of an Entrepreneur, choose Responsibility, and engage the Daily Grind of Asking for Business.

Key brings twenty years of Real Estate Management, Structure, Training, Financials, and Coaching to his Workshop Programs. He is known for being Demanding and Relentless; and he will tell you: “The sooner we get your Professionalism Right, the sooner your Real Estate Business will start flourishing!”

My Academic background, matched with a decade of running a Multi-Office Real Estate Brokerage, have given me insights on Accomplishments. I consider myself an “Activity Coach,” pushing our Brokers and Agents towards “Action,” which leads naturally to Great Results! I hold 2 Masters in Mathematics and have helped thousands of agents prosper in Real Estate. I am sure you can Google me and get more insights on my Workshops, Boot-Camps, and Real Estate Presentations!


Key Yessaad, Real Estate Prospecting Coach, Mind-Set Trainer, Boot-Camp Creator, and Business Strategist

Key Yessaad Short Bio:

Key Yessaad is a Real Estate Mind-Set Trainer, Prospecting Coach, Mentor, Listings’ Strategist, and creator of the #KeyWorkshops Success Practices. Key has been a Trainer and Business Coach for the past 2 decades focusing especially on empowering Agents develop the Skills and Habits of Getting Listings, Time-Blocking, Sales Conversion, Building Confidence, Internet Marketing, Handling Objections, Lead Generation, Closings, and Listings Success. (910) 538-6610 - 

20 Sensible Success Quotes to Inspire Your #20in20 - Entrepreneur Reality - #KeySuccessIdeas

The Hashtag #20in20 stands for 20 Accomplishments in 2020; and you get to define what these 20 Accomplishments ought to be; #KeySuccessIdeas - It stems from a Coaching call of an agent who committed to 20 Listings in 2020; knowing that it will lead to 25 to 30 Deals Closed.  

Let me share with all of you 20 Success Quotes that I hope will Motivate you to take on the Hashtag #20in20 and to create your own meaning for it; Real Estate is a Wonderful Career if you take it seriously and Set Goals for yourself!  - read parent blog post
Decide First that you are a Listing Agent - Entrepreneur Reality - #KeySuccessIdeas

Becoming a Listing Agent is a DecisionThe Chicken or The Egg… Many think you need to start with Skills, Knowledge, then Experience with Buyers, before you become a Listing Agent; #KeySuccessIdeas - That thinking is NOT Strategic; One Starts with the Decision and then re-arranges the world around them to achieve it. Clarity emerges from first knowing how you are going to earn an income as a Real Estate Professional, and yes you can dedicate yourself to working with Buyers exclusively - but your career will never be balanced until you add a percentage of Sellers to the mix... read blog post...

The Cornerstone of Success is Repetition - Entrepreneur Reality - #KeySuccessIdeas
I love when I have to start with Napoleon Hill - a wonderful insightful writer, thinker, motivator, and in my book every Entrepreneur’s best friend. #KeySuccessIdeas - His Book, “Think and Grow Rich” from 1937, set the stage for many successful endeavors and thriving Entrepreneurs. This quote touches an important nerve: “Any idea, plan, or purpose may be placed in the mind through Repetition of Thought.” Napoleon is simply saying that an idea that enters your mind once will not linger long enough and make an impact; it needs to be repeated many times for it to start sprouting good activities and Nurturing Successful Outcomes. Read Blog...
You Wreck your Career without Impulse Control - Entrepreneur Reality - #KeySuccessIdeas
By now many of you have heard of the Marshmallow Study, or a version of it was shared with you at a conference or glanced at in an article. #KeySuccessIdeas - It was a series of Experiments conducted by Stanford University Researchers studying the effects of Delayed Gratification in the late 60’s. The experiment was quite simple; children one by one, were placed in a room, sat at a table that had a plate with 1 marshmallow, and were told by the experimenter if they sat and did not eat the marshmallow, in a little while the tester will come back and give them 2 marshmallows. read blog...

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Let us start our Business Days Selfishly with a focus on Me-Time which includes Mantras, Meditations, Reflections, and Affirmations; #KeySuccessIdeas - they are the Positive thoughts we must bring to the foreground of our consciousness in order to do battle to the barrage of Negativity we must face Daily as mere mortals.

I have put together fifty (50) Mantras that resonate with me - of course I do not expect them all to echo in your being; what I hope is that you use some of them as a springboard to create your own and empower yourself to Thrive and Succeed. read blog...
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I Read a lot of Articles… In this Video I will show you a nifty trick that will make your reading on Laptops much more enjoyable; #KeySuccessIdeas - I have to read a fair amount of articles to keep up with changes in Technology, Inbound Marketing, Blogging, SEO, Social Media, Video Marketing, Programming, etc… read blog...
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An Insightful Twist… You can Choose Fear to be an Ally - Fear has its place if you let it Empower You! - #KeySuccessIdeas - Starting a New Endeavor, Venture, and/or Career as an Independent Contractor or Entrepreneur is intimidating, even when you have seen others doing it and you told yourself I can do a much better job... read blog...

Real Estate Stats and Opportunity - Entrepreneur Reality - #KeySuccessIdeas

It’s About the Numbers… By Understanding Real Estate Statistics, The Opportunity Tree will Bend to your Will! #KeySuccessIdeas - Opportunity conjures the beauty of the possible and smirks at the “impossible.” Entrepreneurs must become very friendly with the concept of Opportunity and mold it into their Daily Business Reality. Read Blog Post...
How to Recover when you Hit the Wall - Entrepreneur Reality - #KeySuccessIdeas
It’s Unavoidable… How you Recover from Setbacks - Reveals your True Nature as an Entrepreneur! #KeySuccessIdeas - Every Entrepreneur hits a Wall; Every Real Estate Professional hits a Wall - It is the Nature of the Beast when you start working for yourself; the safety net of paychecks, sick days, and benefits do not really exist... read blog post...
Malware and Viruses will Creep In - Entrepreneur Reality - #KeySuccessIdeas
It is a FactMalware and Viruses will Creep In - Protect Yourself with Quarterly Maintenance! No Matter How hard you try to Protect yourself, Malware, Viruses, and Malicious Software will find their way into your computer, even if you have Software Protection... #KeySuccessIdeas - read the Blog Post...
Roll Up your Sleeves and take Yourself On - Entrepreneur Reality - #KeySuccessIdeas

Your Opponent… “Focus on your Opponent - Roll Up your Sleeves and take Yourself On!#8WeekSuccess - The only person that’s breathing down your neck; competing fiercely with you; is, should be, and must be YOU!

Make Progress… Each Day you must accept The Challenge to be a little better than you were yesterday; You take on becoming a little Stronger, more Adaptable, but most importantly Capable of seizing opportunity… #KeySuccessIdeas - read the blog post...
The Integrity Conundrum and How to illuminate it - Entrepreneur Reality - #KeySuccessIdeas
Integrity…The Integrity Conundrum - How to Illuminate its Behavior!What is Integrity? #8WeekSuccess - How do we measure Integrity? Is Integrity Good for Business? Why does Integrity play a big role in the life of Entrepreneurs and Real Estate Professionals?... #KeySuccessIdeas - read the blog post...

Leadership is an Act of Service and NOT an Imposition of Inspiration - #Leadership

Simon Sinek shares insights between imposing Inspiration as an act of Leadership and Leadership as an act of Service. Simon shares the story of a colonel who had to alter her way of leading her team; instead of forcing inspiration on them she made sure the conditions of their work were good – in other words she connected from the point of view of Service; that shift led to her team being inspired without her struggling to do it.
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A Successful Real Estate Career requires Proper Thinking, Courageous Prospecting, Deliberate Planning, and a Coordinated Series of Checklists that culminate into Appointments, Negotiations, and Closings – Welcome to your Real Estate Success!

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