Extreme Niche Marketing in Real Estate is about the Needs of HomeBuyers

What is Extreme Niche Marketing in Real Estate?
I have a simple question for you, the Real Estate Professional: “If I gave you a choice between being on Page 1 of Google under the Search Phrase ‘Real Estate’ and the Search Phrase ‘Charlotte Foreclosure Homes for Sale’ what would you choose? Think about it for a second! (we’ll assume you work in Charlotte with a leaning towards foreclosures.)

The Answer to this question reveals your views on Real Estate Marketing and how it relates to Real Estate Internet Visibility – a topic mired in SEO double-speak and Voodoo Tools that are used more to confuse than illuminate.

Those of you who respond “Real Estate” are truly NOT connected to the needs of your Homebuyers in your local market – you may have business motives that are driven by either Real Estate Services, Franchising, or Ancillary Sales Tools for the Industry – what we call Inside Baseball!!!

When was the last time you met a would be Homebuyer who started their Internet Search Online with the general term ‘Real Estate?’ Fact is Consumers have embraced Internet Search with over 95%+ - a near Search Saturation. Would be Buyers start their Search Online with localized Market Terms such as “Nashville Homes for Sale,” or "Raleigh NC Real Estate," or "Charleston Foreclosures."

This is common sense – if you are looking for Inkjet Cartridges for you HP Printer you will not start your search by typing ‘Ink Cartridges’ and then drill down (Silly right!?) – you will likely type the specific Cartridge you are seeking as in ‘HP 74XL ink Black,’ and then comparison shop for price and convenience.

Such a simple observation is missed by a large number of Real Estate Professionals – their Ego dictates that they appear as Real Estate Experts in every market in the Nation; ignoring the fundamental drive for Homebuyers who start their Internet Search with Location and Price. Visit your colleagues websites and read their Bio - you will be stunned; are you making the same mistake?

So why not become the expert in your Niche Market and offer the best insights you can gather locally and place them in your website and your blogs with a vision to serve Buyers in their Search Shopping Experience – this expertise will make you a better Listing Agent in your Niche Market; after-all in Real Estate “The Professional” is really a Matchmaker – Buyers and Sellers dictate the market!!!

[Some Agents think they are the Market Makers – an insight that is not only flawed; some would call it naive!]

What should you offer them? you ask: Everything: Localized MLS Search that allows them to create accounts and Comparison Shop; Pages on School Information, Tax and Government Information, Jobs and Local Offerings, Parks, Retail facilities, Churches and places of Worship, Weekly and monthly updates on market changes, communities with local events, Arts and Culture, Links for related communities and nearby towns… Everything that makes the Homebuyer feel that they are searching for a community not a single house. Remember: You are the Local Niche Market Expert – you know everything that is happening and you follow your market daily!!! [Well: at least your customers think that you should!]

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