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Quick Videos by Key Yessaad introducing upcoming trainings, events, presentations, or workshops. Key Yessaad is a Real Estate Trainer focused on Internet Technology including, SEO, Blogs, Websites, Internet Marketing, Video Marketing, Video Blogging, Business System Coaching, Lead generation, and Real Estate Success.

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  • Meet Kevin Ahearn and Key Yessaad at EXI...
    by Key Yessaad @zenkey on October 18, 2019 at 6:22 AM
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    #LiveTrainingRE Video Blog Post: “Stop by our i-FAStTRAC Booth at EXIT Convention and Meet Key and Kevin” -- https://www.realestatewebtrainer.com/apps/blog/show/47355645-stop-by-our-i-fasttrac-booth-at-exit-convention-and-meet-key-and-kevin-livetrainingre -- You may not have any idea that Kevin and I are Mind-Set Trainers. We've been doing this program at least six years or more… #KevinAhearn #KeyYessaad #RealEstateTrainers #MindSetTrainers #20in20 #RealEstateTraining #RealEstateCoaching #RealEstateSuccess

  • A Quick Intro and Conversation with Brok...
    by Key Yessaad @zenkey on October 10, 2019 at 7:57 AM
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    Training, Coaching, and Mentoring our Agents and Brokers is essential to the growth of our Real Estate Brokerages, and in this realm there are some talented individuals worth knowing. In today’s Video Blog I wish to introduce you to a friend of mine Stan Bishop. Stan focuses on Coaching Brokers so I asked him to answer a few questions and give us a sense of his expertise, his passion, and his program. read the related blog post...

  • Get to know the #8WeekSuccess Real Estat...
    by Key Yessaad @zenkey on March 28, 2016 at 2:44 PM
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    Many have heard of the #8WeekSuccess Challenge for Real Estate Professionals; and many have asked me to explain it: Here you go; this video should help you know what it is, who it is intended for, and the requirements you must agree to if you wish to attend this training. If you wish to register for an interview visit: http://www.realestatewebtrainer.com/8-week-challenge-training

  • Bernadette Cole Lunch and Learn Conversa...
    by Key Yessaad @zenkey on March 6, 2016 at 9:09 AM
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    I just spent a few minutes with Bernadette Cole, The Broker/Owner of EXIT Landmark Realty, discussing her vision for Lunch and Learn - and why she is so driven to nurture her agents and neighboring Real Estate Colleagues to succeed... #8WeekSuccess - I was very inspired at the end of it... If you wish to get a hold of her call/text: (240) 328-0395 Or choose to attend many of her Open Training Events - you will be happily surprised! #8WeekSuccess #keytrainings

  • Get to Know the intentions of the Orland...
    by Key Yessaad @zenkey on October 12, 2014 at 8:59 AM
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    In this Intro video Key Yessaad shares with participants the intentions of the Training Workshop in Orlando called "Direct Response Prospecting for the Internet Savvy Real Estate Professional." Ask yourself these questions: "Is my Listings' Pipeline full?" "Have I leveraged the internet to help me generate more Listings?" "What are the habits of Internet Marketing that will help me become visible to Sellers?" - Is it possible that you have yet to put together a digital marketing plan that helps you get more listings?

    About the Training: One of the biggest areas of opportunity that many agents have yet to master consistently is Direct Response Prospecting for Listings. It is a Strategy that goes beyond focusing on Buyers’ Leads – it is a Strategy to create an incubation system to generate listings methodically, then use those listings to generate more listings. Technically speaking, Real Estate Professionals must become proficient with Inbound Marketing, Proper Listing Blog Marketing, Squeeze Page Building, and YouTube Video Marketing for Reverse Marketing. All of these ideas need to be controlled and focused with a proper SEO Strategy targeted on Google and Search Engine Visibility!

    Trainer: Key Yessaad - Real Estate Internet Strategist
    Program Director: Allison Pruiett - (850) 380-6119
    #keytrainings #OrlandoRealEstateTraining

  • Real Estate Web Strategy Success - March...
    by Key Yessaad @zenkey on February 29, 2012 at 8:14 PM
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    The second series of Real Estate Web Strategy Success will start Wednesday March 7th, 2012 and I am very excited about it. I have already held a full series (4-sessions) for Kevin Ahearn on his Live Interactive System and many agents and brokers have responded quite well to it. This second series is in essence the same as the first one – yet I have yet to repeat the same training twice; I come at it at different angles and as the internet transforms, my trainings transform. (Note: Session1 is the only one that will fall on a Wednesday – the rest will fall on a Friday – check dates below.)


    The video I am enclosing focuses on giving you a feel for the topics I will cover in the overall Sessions – in fact, I plan on sharing more details for each session as well as enclosing a video describing the specifics of each session.


    In order to layer an Internet Marketing Strategy one has to cohesively integrate the following ideas: SEO, Blogs, Social Media, Web Services, IDX Solutions, Landing pages, Video SEO, Lead Capture, Listing Syndication, MLS Marketing, and Direct Response Marketing. Each idea on its own is not difficult, but a strategic integration of the whole is the biggest challenge.


    Course Title: Real Estate Web Strategy Success


    Internet Marketing, Web Strategies, Google Presence, and how to use your website to generate leads organically. The core of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), or Organic Placement, are now the bedrock of your growing Marketing Success Story. This course was designed to be practical, solutions-driven, and full of practical Homework. This is not about theory – this is about meeting your clients online and being able to generate your own leads organically – and the best ones are Listing Leads. Do you have a proper Internet Presence?


    A 10-hour Course in 4 sessions (Each session is 2 1/2 hours long with time for your questions and discussions.)

    1. The Principles of Internet Marketing and SEO: And ‘No,’ Marketing on The Internet is not ‘Internet Marketing!’ Real Estate Agents advertise to drive customers to them, and many still do – but it is getting harder. What is it that you must master in “Search Marketing” so you continue to be the one Sellers and Buyers love to work with. You must go beyond understanding the psychology of your customers – you must also become familiar with the thinking of Search Engines and Ranking. It is this lack of deep understanding of the internet that makes Agents and brokers go on a buying spree of tools with very little results to show for it.


    2. The Fundamentals of your Web Container: Yes, Yes,… Vendors call them Websites – I prefer the word ‘container’ because it alludes to holding your Marketing information and making it available to your customers. What’s the challenge? If your container is not visible to Google and Search Engines then what you have is purely a Glorified Business Card. You must learn not only what your Website must have to grow organically, but more importantly the habits you must develop Online to grow you influence and generate leads.


    3. Hyperlinks, Landing Pages, and Internet Presence: The Core activities of Internet Marketing is storytelling; when you blog, share videos, upload listings, you are building a narrative on the internet, and the verbs that you must master are Links, or more precisely hyperlinks. But the best Links are called Strategic Links because they connect to properly created Landing Pages within your website and are sticky. Sticky Websites generate leads – you must learn how to create each one of these elements because you are the Real Estate Marketer, and believe or not – they are easy to make…


    4. Blogging, Social Media, Internet Traffic, and your SEO Essentials: Prospecting is job One for a successful career in Real Estate – Do you know how to “Internet Prospect?” A successful SEO Strategy requires a combination of ingredients; a Web Container, Blogging, Keywords, Hyperlinks, Strategic landing Pages, and a Plan of Action in which you tell regular stories and place them on the Internet to drive traffic back to your website. This is not a difficult skill, it just requires you to switch your habits a bit and focus them in the right actions for the right results.


    Dates for the Second Series:

    Session 1: Wednesday, March 7th – 11am EST – 1:30pm EST
    Session 2: Friday, March 23rd – 11am EST – 1:30pm EST
    Session 3: Friday, April 6th – 11am EST – 1:30pm EST
    Session 4: Friday, April 20th – 11am EST – 1:30pm EST


    System: Live Interactive – Contact Live Interactive at (407) 331-5738.


    If you happen to be on Live Interactive System already I hope to visit with you soon – Get ready to not only learn the fundamentals of Internet Success, but to also roll up your Sleeves and implement the ideas learned to affect your Real Estate Success. Happy Blogging, :) Key Yessaad – Real Estate SEO Trainer

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