Videos produced and compiled by Key Yessaad, and focusing on the Real Estate Industry and the topics of Real Estate SEO, Websites, Internet Marketing, Blogs, Video SEO, Business SYstems, and General Business Success.

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  • Summer Madness by Kool and The Gang
    by Key Yessaad on June 15, 2013 at 12:34 PM
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    Instrumental Music that makes the heart happy... enjoy!

  • Pure Imagination by Lou Rawls
    by Key Yessaad on June 15, 2013 at 12:04 PM
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    What as Voice? Lou Rawls makes Pure Imagination simply by using his voice...

  • Dreams by The Cranberries
    by Key Yessaad on June 2, 2013 at 12:45 PM
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    Lovely song from the 90s' - fun and gentle to play around with friends and loved ones...

  • Bitter Sweet Symphony by The Verve
    by Key Yessaad on June 2, 2013 at 12:10 PM
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    The energy this song generates in me is very intense... I can;t help but play it loud... The lyric sentence "But I'm a million different people from one day to the next" is all of us...

  • Glengarry Glen Elf
    by Key Yessaad on November 30, 2012 at 8:32 AM
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    This SNL Sketch is a spoof on the most famous speech in Glengarry Glen Ross Movie from 1992, delivered by Alec Baldwin. Of course the foul language of the original is replaced by a more moderate 'Elf You' repartee.

  • Learn CPR in 2 minutes
    by Key Yessaad on October 20, 2012 at 8:22 AM
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    Yes you can learn CPR in a few minutes - you could be the one who can help a life! You can share this shortlink with your friends and colleagues or follow it:

    Thank you Eliz Greene for the thoughful Video!

  • Real Estate Web Strategy Advanced - Fall...
    by Key Yessaad on August 27, 2012 at 1:39 PM
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    Real Estate Web Strategies Advanced was designed for Real Estate Agents and Brokers who understand the proper tools of their Web Containers (Websites), and now have embarked on a journey to rank for their primary keywords. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is driven by two (2) fundamental ideas: Your Website (Content) and the links that come to you (Back-links). Of course there are other criteria that play a big role such as Anchor texts, Landing Pages, Blog Tags, Social Media Channels, and Stickiness – but the core must always be about taking care of the Sellers and Buyers in your Local Area.

    Consumers have voted that if they pick the Right Real Estate Professional they feel taken care of; but many of our Real Estate Agents fail to convey that ‘care’ using their Website. Educating your Local Community about the local trends, the Real Estate Deals, and How-Tos of Financing, using your website with Short Clip Videos and SEO is becoming job 1.

    Real Estate Web Strategy Advanced - Fall 2012

    The essence of the 4-Sessions 8-Week Course is that you now have a Real Estate Website, it has a built-in IDX feed, Lead Management and tracking, and the ability to blog and enhance listings. How do you go about adding content to help you grow your visibility? These four (4) sessions were designed by Key Yessaad for Kevin Ahearn, and the Live interactive Real Estate Institute; these sessions are considered advanced; in the sense that those who desire to participate comprehend Internet Marketing, the value of having a Website, and how to use their Internet Strategies to become true Internet Marketers.

    System: Live/Interactive Training System

    Friday, August 31st 11:00AM EST
    Friday, September 14th 11:00AM EST
    Friday, October 5th 11:00AM EST
    Friday, October 19th 11:00AM EST

    Here is a short description for each of the sessions. +(Video)

    Session 5: Am I Truly Web Connected?, and My Social Media Graph - You now have a website and it is Real Estate Driven -- does my website have all the tools it needs to grow organically? How can I make sure my criteria are set properly? What are the SEO Tools that Webmasters use to study their Web influence? Have I turned on all the widgets within my website to get Search engine to rank me? How can I study the influence of my competitors and what can I do to start competing with them? How about Google Analytics -- will it help me leverage the power of my website?

    Session 6: Carving your Local Markets for Internet Visibility - You have by now learned what proper Real Estate Website to get and the elements it must contain in order for you to have a proper Internet Presence. You have also heard about Landing pages and the power they have to generate leads; the question becomes: How do you go about putting all of these ideas together in your website? What is the architecture you should adopt by 'carving' the market in a proper way to offer a meaningful Web Solutions to your Clients and to Search Engines? and by the way, what does it mean to Carve a Market on the Internet?

    Session 7: Blogging Internally, topically, and with purpose to grow your Visibility - You have learned that blogging is powerful and is the most effective tool to driving traffic. But what are the best blog topics? How do Real Estate Agents leverage their titles and content to be visible to Search Engines? and what are Tags and does Google care about them? Blogging is Storytelling; and the stories you share will help Google and Search Engines rank you for the Keywords you want -- learn to serve the right SEO to the right entities to grow your internet influence.

    Session 8: External Blog Posting Methods, and Advanced Back-Link Strategies - I have learned to blog internally -- why should I bother to blog externally? What are the benefits of opening secondary channels of visibility for my blogs? I have heard of RSS feeds -- shouldn't I just syndicated my blogs and I done for. Blogging locally versus externally are important ideas that agents must understand and embrace -- your visibility is driven not just what you do locally, but with what you do externally. Finally; what is the Blog Rolling Idea?

    Contact: Emma Ahearn Real Estate Training Institute, Inc. (407) 331-5738

    Real Estate SEO Trainings – Key Yessaad, Internet Strategist (910) 538-6610

  • The Power of Broker Testimonials from Re...
    by Key Yessaad on August 24, 2012 at 4:03 PM
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    In this video Key Yessaad talks about the power of Brand Testimonials and how Real Estate Agents can leverage the power of their relationships with their Brokers, Managers, Colleagues, and overall Brand. The questions that other Real Estate Agents may have about your agency and Brand are: What is like to work for EXIT Realty in Southern California? What are training Seminars like? What is like to work for your Broker? This How-To Video will show you how you the Real Estate Agent can leverage the power of EXIT Realty So Cal Hub ( to share how you feel about your Brand, Bob Keeran, Your Broker of Records, your Managers, your Administrator, and your corporate colleagues like Jeff Lobb, Tami Bonnell, and Steve Morris. Key Yessaad Real Estate Internet Strategist, and SEO Trainer

  • The Power of Broker Testimonials from R...
    by Key Yessaad on August 23, 2012 at 6:27 PM
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    In this video Key Yessaad talks about the power of Testimonials from Real Estate Professionals towards their Broker and their brand. Your Colleagues in Tennessee and Kentucky are wondering what is like to work for your Exit Realty Brand in the various offices and Social Media and Website Hubs are the proper container for sharing such ideas. This How to Video shows agents where to go in the Hub to share Testimonials that validaytes the work of local EXIT Brokers, Regional Owners, and National Trainers and Leaders. Key Yessaad Real Estate Internet Strategist http://www.realestatewebtrainer,com

  • The Principles of Internet Marketing, SE...
    by Key Yessaad on July 6, 2012 at 8:49 PM
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    We just finished Session #1 of Real Estate Web Strategy Success, (Video) and the topic was 'The Principles of Internet Marketing, SEO, and Web Crawling.'
    In this Video I give you a synopsis of the session which lasted 2 1/2 hours with another 20 minutes of Questions and Answers.
    Yes Internet Marketing and SEO are not slam dunk ideas that come naturally to Real Estate Agents, but they have become crucial to marketing and visibility in the Real Estate Industry. These ideas help agents become better at creating visibility for their Sellers and attract Buyers, but more importantly become visbile as Real Estate Professional.

    Key Yessaad
    (910) 538-6610


  • Real Estate Web Strategy Success - Key Y...
    by Key Yessaad on July 6, 2012 at 9:03 AM
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    Make the Internet, SEO, Marketing, Blogs, Websites, and Social Media part of your Long Term Real Estate Success!

    Series of 4 Sessions offered via Live Interactive for The Real Estate Training Institute

    The Fundamentals of Internet Marketing, Web Strategies, SEO, Google Presence, Social Media, and how to use your website to generate leads organically. The core of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), or Organic Placement, are now the bedrock of your growing Real Estate Marketing Success Story.

    This course was designed to be practical, solutions-driven, and full of practical Homework. This is not about theory -- this is about meeting your clients online and being able to generate your own leads organically -- and the best ones are Listing Leads. Do you have a proper Internet Presence?

    Each Session is 2 ½ hours long with a 10 minute break.[Note: Session #1 is the only session starting at 2pm EST -- the rest start at 11am EST.]

    Friday July 6th @2:00pm EST. - Principles of Internet Marketing, SEO, and Web Crawling
    Friday July 20th @11:00am EST. - The fundamentals of your Web Container and Web Services
    Friday August 3rd @11:00am EST. -- Hyperlinks, Landing Pages & Internet Presence
    Friday August 17th @11:00am EST. - Blogging, Social Media, Internet Traffic, and your SEO Essentials

    Session #1:
    The Principles of Internet Marketing, SEO, and Web Crawling:
    And 'No,' Marketing on The Internet is not 'Internet Marketing!' Real Estate Agents advertise to drive customers to them, and many still do -- but it is getting harder to just rely in traditional Marketing. What is it that you must master in "Search Marketing" so you can continue to be the one Sellers and Buyers love to work with? You must go beyond understanding the psychology of your customers -- you must also become familiar with the thinking of Search Engines, Web Crawlers, Ranking, and SEO. It is this lack of deep understanding of the internet that makes Agents and Brokers go on a buying spree for websites, and end up having very little results to show for it.

    Session #2:
    The Fundamentals of your Web Container and Web Services:
    I know, vendors call them Websites -- I prefer the word 'container' because it alludes to holding your Marketing information in one place you control, and making it available to your visitors and customers. So what are the challenges of having a Website? If your container is not visible to Google and Search Engines then what you have is purely a Glorified Business Card. You must learn not only what your Website must contain in terms of tools, how it is fabricated so it can grow organically, but most importantly the habits you must develop Online to grow you influence and generate leads.

    Session #3:
    Hyperlinks, Landing Pages & Scalable Internet Presence:
    The Core activities of Internet Marketing is storytelling; when you blog, share videos, upload listings, you are building a narrative on the internet, and the verbs that you must master are Links, or more precisely hyperlinks. But the best Links are called Strategic Links because they connect to properly created Landing Pages within your website and are sticky. Sticky Websites generate leads -- you must learn how to create each one of these elements because you are the Real Estate Marketer, and believe or not -- they are easy to make... Did you know that most Real Estate Websites offer Search and No Landing Pages?

    Session #4:
    Blogging, Social Media, Internet Traffic, and your SEO Essentials:
    Prospecting is job One for a successful career in Real Estate -- Do you know how to "Internet Prospect?" A successful SEO Strategy requires a combination of ingredients; a Web Container, Blogging, Keywords, Hyperlinks, Strategic Landing Pages, and a Plan of Action in which you tell regular stories and place them on the Internet to drive traffic back to your website. This is not a difficult skill, it just requires you to switch your habits a bit and focus them in the right actions for the right results. Many add content to their Social Media Platform and lack a strategy to create stickiness to their website and increased visibility.

    Contact information and Equipment Setup:
    Live/Interactive Training System
    Contact: Emma Ahearn
    Real Estate Training Institute, Inc
    (407) 331-5738

    Let's Get to Work!
    I Hope you choose to attend the series; I promise that it will be informative, practical, empowering, and worth every minute of your time!
    Bring all your SEO, Websites, Social Media, Internet Marketing, Blogs, and Tech questions;
    Please also bring a Commitment to implementation, and do attend all 4 Sessions.
    And never stop Prospecting for Listings and Buyers!

    Key Yessaad, SEO Trainer

  • QR Codes for your listings in your Real ...
    by Key Yessaad on June 19, 2012 at 6:33 PM
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    How to use QR Codes and your Mobile Ready Website to market your listings?

    In this video Key Yessaad walks you through a free, track-able, and organic way of generating short URLs connected to QR Codes for your Real Estate Listings.

    The good news is that companies like iHouse, Onjax, BoomTown, and Kunversion, among others, have understood that websites that are not Mobile friendly are Not customer friendly. Unfortunately many Website Vendors are still in denial and are waiting for a bolt of lightning to wake them up to this reality.

    I hope you will like this video and find it useful.

    Key Yessaad, Real Estate SEO Trainer

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