Graphics & Photos for Blogs Graphics & Photos for Blogs Google Search Results Display updated This November 2012 saw Google updating the Search Results Display to make more room for 'The Knowledge Graph' and clean up the tools for better visual appeal. 169209373 Conflict will arise between Brokers and Agents over Google+ Google+ Business Local will cause conflict between Business Brokers and their agents since Google views a business as one location and some agents will claim said locations as their own business, before the broker had a chance. 169334037 Happy Thanksgiving It is a good to be alive in America on Thanksgiving! 169980194 The Dust Bowl - A Must See Ken Burns truly reaches new heights in this 4-hour documentary on the Dust Bowl during the 20's and 30's; watch this superb piece of cinematography - you will be saddened and inspired! 170035888 What is NFC or Near Field Communication? Think of the ability of adding Physical programs or Steps near Physical Objects that you can bump with your Smart Phone and trigger them to do things. 170877239 No, you do not have the right to Sell My Pictures Instagram new policy change to allow themselves to sell your pictures prompted me to close my account; and I want it to be very clear - No, Instagram and Facebook, you do Not have the right to sell my Pictures with my permission. 171424548