Key at Trainings and Events Key at Trainings and Events MIke Glas with Key This picture is with Mike Glass, The Regional Owner of EXIT Realty Georgia. I was invited to speak October 4th in Macon Georgia about the Power of the 'Real Estate Internet Network' and how to leverage it to take care customers. It was a fun day! 168320809 Key Talking about i-FAStTRAC Key Yessaad live talking about the Web Strategy section of i-FAStTRAC during Kevin Ahearn's Convention Event in Nashville Tennessee - Thursday October 25th 2012. 168324230 Session 1 of Web Strategy Training Key on Live Interactive Training Module training on the fundamentals of Internet Marketing, SEO, Web Services, and Internet Traffic... 168787764 You are Whole and Harmonious I have never met anyone who was broken; maybe down because of some challenges in their current circumstances; but they remain whole and full of harmony! 170027074 Session 3 - Hyperlinks and Landing Pages This is me training today, November 30th, on the Verbs of the Internet, Landing Pages, and Squeeze Pages. 170425724 Get to Know i-FAStTRAC Kevin and I are holding several events in 2013 to introduce and explain what the New i-FAStTRAC Real Estate Training is all about. visit or scan the QR Code and request your invitation. 171932457 Session 4 Inbound Marketing Key Yessaad will be focusing today's training session on Inbound Marketing and the Real Estate Business. 172973397 Session #5 - Search Psychology Your Buyers and Sellers have embraced the Internet and they have learned to use Search Engines to seek information and Solutions; and it is this fact that forces you to get into the Thinking of Search Engines? How do you start building the right thinking to attract them to you? 173634570 Session #6 - Spiders, Crawlers, HTML, SEO, and Keywords The language of the Internet is HTML, and you are not here to learn to program, but there are few things that you can master that Web Crawlers follow. What are Web Crawlers? How do they work? How do I control them to visit my website? And what is all this fuss about Keywords? how do I get me some? 173687909 Lead Management Training at Session #11 Lead Management Systems are sometimes confused with CRM Systems, which stands for Customer Relationship Management; and in Real Estate do not bare any resemblance and should not talked about the same way. A Good Lead Management System in Real Estate will be designed for the long incubation period that Web Visitors are opting for. A Lead in Real Estate is not a Customer and their silence does not mean they do not wish to work with you ? the question becomes: What are the good habits of Lead Incubation and must you purchase a $10,000 system to help with conversion? Today is Session 11 of the i-FAStTRAC Training Program and Kevin and I will be delving on this topic from not only the developing good habits, but creating good Drip Email Campaigns that have been proven to be effective. 174534342 Session of i-FAStTRAC Training Program Key Yessaad Live training at Session#2 of the i-FAStTRAC Real Estate Training Program Computing goes beyond using your computer or your tablet - it is a way of thinking - Change your Thinking and your will effect your Reality! 176792446 Kevin and Key during Wrap Up Video June 20th 2013 Wrap Up Thoughts and Video from Kevin and Key on Training Sessions as of June 21st 2013 181153232 Broker Referral Program Announcing our new Broker Referral Program - Help us grow and we will send you $200... :) 181610838 Lead Management Training Key at Leads Management Systems training on July 3rd 2013 181655935