Are you processing your To-Do List through the prism of your Emotions?

Posted by Key Yessaad @zenkey on January 23, 2013 at 7:20 AM

One of the hurdles some Real Estate Agents must overcome is not the ‘Not Knowing’ of what to do, lots of good Real Estate Trainings are available out there – it is The Not Liking of Doing what they know they ought to be doing. They learn for example that Prospecting is a MUST to grow their business; they even learn the scripts of what to say and how to say it; yet some linger in the office trying to find busy work rather then confronting the beast of Prospecting and Tackling it! The ones that view their business plan without attaching too much emotion to whether they like or not like some activity tend to do the best; they are more systematic and approach their activities with determination. How you feel is important in your life, but if it becomes the main gauge by which you take on your To-Do list then you are bound to be quite unhappy. Confront what you know you must do, white it down, and then ask yourself: ‘Am I up to implementing this plan no matter how I feel?’ It is possible that for some the answer is negative, and that the Real Estate Business may be too much of emotional Roller Coaster for them – you have to find out! 




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