I will empower my being to pursue my dreams and support others in their dreams

Posted by Key Yessaad @zenkey on January 9, 2013 at 8:00 AM

The Power of Intention is not about your ability to know everything – The Power of Intention is driven by your desire and determination to never quit. I have worked with many wonderful and thoughtful Real Estate Trainers and Brokers, and I have learned a lot from them – the central component of success that they all have in common is the drive and determination that their success in never in question, and that they will muster the courage to confront every new barrier with persistence and certitude. Real Estate is a mental and emotional endeavor, and some quit a bit too soon; they never learn that ‘No’ is not always directed at them, but simply a natural human condition. Good Brokers and Trainers will tell you that you need to hear about 10,000 No’s before the sting wears off, yet meanwhile your sales are growing because for ever 25 to 30 No’s you will get a Yes, and all you need is 20 Yes’s a year to make it in this wonderful industry. Today is the day you assert that you will not give up on yourself or on your dreams; today is the day you also commit to playing a meaningful role in the success of others. 




Key Yessaad, Real Estate Business Coach and Internet Strategist

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