Negotiating Against Ourselves: The Major Challenge of Success in Real Estate!

Posted by Key Yessaad @zenkey on February 25, 2023 at 7:30 AM

A Real Estate Career is not for the faint of hearts; it is a Challenging Pursuit, and one of the Major Obstacles to Achieving Success is “Negotiating Against Ourselves.” While most Real Estate Agents understand the importance of keeping their promises to clients, they often Struggle to Keep their Promises to Themselves. This insidious absence of Self-Integrity in some, can have serious consequences that can Derail their progress.

When we Fail to keep our promises to Ourselves, our minds Negotiate againstOur Will,” and Excuses begin to take over. Our intentions start to wane, and we find ourselves unable to take the Necessary Actions to move forward. This is why it's vital to develop a strong sense of Self-Integrity and Commit to following through on The Promises we make to Ourselves.

One of the biggest challenges that Real Estate Agents face is the Fear of Rejection. Many Agents know what They Need To Do to become Successful Listing Agents, but they often find themselves looking for Alternatives to avoid confronting their fear. We know where the Homeonwers are – yet we fail to Call them, Door-Knock them, or even Mail them. This can lead to a lack of action and ultimately, a failure to Get Listings.

To overcome this challenge, it's important to Take Action regardless of how we feel. The best actions are those that we take even when we don't feel like it. By infusing the philosophy of "Just Doing - No Thinking" during part of our day, we can fulfill the Promised Goals we make to our Higher Selves and Achieve Success in Real Estate. It's important to remember that sometimes we may feel like taking action, and sometimes we won't. But by committing to Taking Action regardless of our feelings, we can Overcome our Fears and achieve our goals.

If you want to thrive in Real Estate, it's crucial to Keep Your Promises to Yourself, Confront your Fears, and Take Action even when it's uncomfortable. By Adopting a Success Mindset and Committing to a course of action, you can Negotiate for Yourself to achieve your goals and build a successful career.

Here are a Few Affirmations to Help you in this endeavor:

  • “I am Committed to Keeping my Promises to Myself and Taking Action towards my Goals.”
  • “I Confront my Fears and Take Action even when it's Uncomfortable because I know that's the Path to Success.”
  • “I am Worthy of Success in Real Estate and I have The Skills and knowledge to achieve it.”
  • “I Infuse the Philosophy of "Just Doing - No Thinking" into part of my Day to stay Focused and Motivated.”
  • “I Take Inspired Action towards my Goals and trust that the Universe supports my Success.”

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About the Author: Key Yessaad is a Highly Skilled Real Estate Strategist and Educator, with over 20 years of Experience empowering Agents to develop the Skills and Habits they need to Achieve Success. He is a Listings' Strategist, Prospecting Coach, and has created Innovative Training Programs and Success Approaches such as #10WeekTraining Programs and #KeyWorkshops. Key is passionate about helping Agents master Skills such as Time-Blocking, Sales Conversion, Building Confidence, Handling Objections, Scripts, Lead Generation, Closings, and Listings Success. With Key as your guide, you too Unleash your Potential and Attain Greatness in your Career. 910-538-6610 -   

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