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Posted by Key Yessaad @zenkey on March 23, 2020 at 4:00 AM

Fear, especially collective Fear, has a way of projecting you into an unsure future full of dismay and angst; the more you entertain it the darker the scenarios. #KeySuccessIdeas - The Challenges we currently face with COVID19 are real and each one of us has a positive part to play – we can’t let ourselves be defeated by resignation and simply revert to watching the news all-day long getting depressed more and more.


The best place to be in Right Now! The concept is simple: If you wish to think clearly start by Being Here Now! We can argue about the past, we can be fearful about the future, but true action is taken in the Now. There are many ways to coax yourself to be present, in “the Right Here and the Right Now,” and one of them is Breathing Meditation. It is not complicated and can bring you great benefits - the biggest one is Taking Proactive Productive Action on the important endeavors of your life – and doing it with a clear calm mind


Here are the basic steps - adjust them to fit your personality and your environment: 


1. Find a quiet serene place – place your phone on silent and out of reach face down for the next few minutes. 


2. Sit on a Comfortable chair, sofa, or in the lotus position if so inclined. We are striving to hold our mind in a state of focused meditation for about 5 minutes by focusing it on our breathing - that’s it. 


3. Let your hands and arms find a comfortable place in your lap or legs - don’t strain. Take a moment to notice your body and relax any tension or discomfort in your body, and do it gently without any pressure or jerky movements. 


4. We are going to focus and notice your breathing, NOT control your breathing. You want to “breath” normally and simply notice how your body reacts to your breathing. Notice the air flowing through your nostrils, your mouth, past your throat, into your chest and how your stomach reacts. You are simply noticing the flow of your breaths in and out – you are not molding or shaping your breathing. You may find yourself halting your breathing when your mind wanders; that is fine - just say to yourself “mind wandering” and go back to noticing your breathing. 


5. You decide what is most comfortable for you to either Keep your eyes open, half open, or closed. So long as your eyes don’t wander around you are fine. 


6. Remember: this is not about controlling your breathing - it is about noticing your breathing and being in tune with your body while breathing. Some like to start this meditation by taking a Deep breath through the nose and then a long exhale to signify the beginning of the meditation; and after 5 minutes of meditation closing with a deep Breath and Long Exhale. You are not required to have such a ritual - you decide your beginning and your ending sequence. 


7. Breathing Meditation is about your Mind; it wishes to wander and focus on all sort of things - when you meditate you are forcing your mind to stay in tune with you and to calm down; to let go of the fears and anxieties of the outside world and simply focus on your “breaths” by noticing your breathing. Your mind will wander and will start thinking about other things; it can’t help it. Don’t punish it; just notice it and say to yourself: “I see that you went wandering - I understand; let us focus on my breathing.” Is it weird to talk to your mind - yes it is but very normal. 


8. Many end their meditation by thanking their mind for remaining calm and cooperating during this meditation. 


How often should you meditate this way? Many recommend 2 to 3 times a day - especially in moments of high anxiety and stress. Remember this not escapism - this is grounding of your mind so it can think clearly with you and for you.  



Written and Shared by Key Yessaad. Key is a Real Estate Mindset Trainer, Internet Strategist, and creator of the #8WeekSuccess Boot-Camp Program. Key has been a Trainer and Business Coach nearing 2 decades focusing primarily on empowering Agents develop the Skills and Habits of Prospecting, Web Services, SEO Strategies, Time Blocking, Blogging, Internet Marketing, Lead Generation, and Listing Success. (910) 538-6610 


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