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Posted by Key Yessaad @zenkey on November 15, 2019 at 4:00 AM

In the movie American Beauty, the character of Annette Bening is a Real Estate Agent, and in one of the scenes the character named Carolyn Burnham is holding an Open House and we see her get the property ready, and starting to receive prospective buyers. As she gets ready she repeats the Mantra: “I will Sell this House Today!” This process of Visualization and Affirmation is very important in the life of a Real Estate Professional. 


Carolyn receives her potential buyers and feels deflated because none of them show any positive emotional response to the property, and in the last powerful scene of the clip we see her crying with agony; a very moving and gut wrenching moment. Carolyn then composes herself, lifts her head up, wipes her tears, and marches on


I share this clip with my #8WeekSuccess Boot-Camp Warriors for numerous reasons; the obvious one is to clarify the purpose of the Open House Event; Learn to handle Buyers Objections; but most importantly why we hold Open Houses in the first place. There is also another layer of appreciation that this video reveals; the feeling of aloneness and dejection when your deals fall apart; and how we can all get so easily discouraged by rejection. The truth of the matter Carolyn potential Buyers were not rejecting her; they just did not get excited with the property she was showing - it was not at personal; but in the moment it feels very personal. Real Estate requires a tough hide


In our Week 3 of the #8WeekSuccess Real Estate Boot-Camp I emphasize the importance of Daily Prospecting; the proper usage of items of Values such as Market Reports; then do a deep dive on Canvassing with Proper Scripts and proper Mindset. Prospecting is NOT about Selling anything - that is the first major distinctions Real Estate professionals must realize; it is about sifting through the noise of Real estate and selecting those we want to work with. Yes, you heard me right, it is about Realtors picking the right clients for them and leaving the rest to the rest of the industry. 


The first step we must take as an industry is remove the fuzzy veil over what Prospecting is; or worse than that the false idea some are born with the ability to prospect and others are not - NO! Prospecting is a Skill - a learned and practiced Skill. The term skill simply means that a series of clear simple activities are taught to an individual, and then they are asked to repeat the steps; and through the process of Repetition the Skill is now forged. Fall in Love with the Repetition of important Skills, that’s where the power and confidence live. We give our Real Estate Professionals Scripts but we don’t help and push them to practice them - what’s the point of the script then? In today’s Workshop we will learn all the simple steps of getting listings, we will then put them together, practice them in the next few weeks, get better with Repetition, and start producing Results predictably


The #8WeekSuccess Boot-Camp is an intensive course that only 24 to 30 agents qualify in at a time. It was designed for those who are or plan to be Full-Time and earn no less than $100K in Gross Commission. Measured in time the course spans 3 months and is meant to build the Business of Real Estate Success from the ground Up!  #Prospecting



Written and Shared by Key Yessaad, Master Real Estate Strategist, Veteran Real Estate Trainer, Boot-Camp Instructor, Expert SEO Consultant, Internet Marketing Specialist, and Business Mentor/Coach. (910) 538-6610 - 


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