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Posted by Key Yessaad @zenkey on October 10, 2019 at 5:00 AM

Get to Know Stan Bishop - Mind-Set Trainer and Coach… - Video… 



Training, Coaching, and Mentoring our Agents and Brokers is essential to the growth of our Real Estate Brokerages, and in this realm there are some talented individuals worth knowing. In today’s Video Blog I wish to introduce you to a friend of mine Stan Bishop. Stan focuses on Coaching Brokers so I asked him to answer a few questions and give us a sense of his expertise, his passion, and his program. 


Full Transcript of Video between #8WeekSuccess Boot-Camp Trainer Key Yessaad and Mind-Set Trainer and Broker Coach Stan Bishop; The Video was recorded Wednesday October 10th with the intention to put a Face to a Name so during the EXIT Convention Brokers and Agents recognize each other and start conversations. I have known directly and indirectly Stan Bishop since 2007, and offered training and coaching to his offices on many occasions. Brokers and Team Leaders ought to investigate what Stan does in his Broker Coaching Program, and how he can benefit their growth. I hope you enjoyed the video - here is the Full Text Transcript. 


Key Yessaad: Hi everyone, this is Key, with a buddy of mine right here. That's Stan Bishop who with us today. We’re going to be talking about who he is; I have known Stan for a long time. And this week it was announced that he is now in Mind-Set Trainer with EXIT Realty International. Stan does something unique, and I want him to kind of let people know who he is, what he does. Hi Stan, how are you? 


Stan Bishop: I am doing great. Thanks for having me on. Today, I wanted to make a quick announcement that I'm super excited about this opportunity to work with EXIT and other brokers. Just to give you a brief history about who I am, and what I did before becoming a trainer with EXIT. I started in Real Estate in 2001 as a Real Estate Agent; Opened up my first Brokerage in 2004 in Florida, Jacksonville; I had two offices in 2007. 


Then I saw that market change and shift, and I knew I needed to change my business by adopting some national brand and I was looking for one and EXIT happened to be the best fit for my agents. So in 2007, I set off by opening up two extra franchises little to know that the market was going to crash in Florida. But luckily, with good business sense and good systems and finding the right partners and staff, we were able to grow the company over the next 10 years to the fastest growing company in Jacksonville, break number six in 2011. 


And also became the broker of the Year for EXIT Realty that same year; and for the next five years, We became the largest grossing brokerage for EXIT realty in both agent count and in production. This was all done by having some of the best systems in place that was given to me by EXIT, but also creating some of our own secrets and what we thought was imperative for brokerage that was maybe missing. In 2017 I sold the company, because I really wanted to focus on my true aspiration of growing in what I do by helping coaching consult other brokers and how to be a better broker. So that's what I'm doing now. 


Key Yessaad: So you have a history in the real estate business; you have a history with agents; you have a history with partners; so you understand how to set up partnerships in an office and how to make it work. You have also a history with what I call leadership, meaning making sure that the people within your organization as it grew to multiple offices, how to structure it in such a way that an office can go from one location to multiple locations. There are a lot of brokers I know who are my friends, who have grown, they feel good; and are asking: Am I ready to open a second office? Can I handle it? What do I do to create that? For me those are some of the insights you bring. So can you tell everybody about the coaching because you specifically focus on Brokers? Correct? 


Stan Bishop: That's correct. So now what I'm doing is working with brokers in multiple capacities. And just like you said, when you're a brand new broker, you just open up your franchise you are actually spending more money when you're making, I've been there, I've done that; I know what it takes to put the right pieces in place to be successful. I've also had partners; I've heard at least from a lot of people that partnerships can be fatal to your business; and it was one of the best decisions I've made as a business owner. So I know the pitfalls and what to tell them how to put together our checks and balances.  

Then the multiple offices growth; it was essential for us to grow because we're in a marketplace where it literally takes you an hour to go from one side of town to the other. So we thought it was necessary to have multiple offices, but you didn't want to duplicate all of your overhead in each office. And we want to streamline centralized that so we've got the best practices on how to do that.  


Now what I'm doing with brokers is I'm putting them through a coaching call. The first four calls are really established the business plan the metrics that they want to measure their success, and introduce them to the necessary part that I feel is the lead generation and recruiting best practices. Once we get through those first four calls, we take down all of the other parts of the business like the support, the training, the marketing, the culture events, having an ambassador club, having evening with EXIT events. And For me the coaching is only one part of it, the coaching is an hour long, it's mindset, it's getting them into the place where they need to be to execute whatever their plan that they set out for. But the consulting is a follow up to that.  


So after every call we have an email that goes out depending upon on that topic. If it's on training, we actually provide them sample Training Calendar. If it's about marketing, we actually give them the marketing for branding agents or for marketing the listings and help agents get more listings. So we dissect the calls into exactly what I feel is best for the broker. And what I feel is lacking a lot of brokers out there for the coaching part, but the consulting part is that here's the tools, now that you have the mindset, let's implement these tools. The business metrics are holding the brokers accountable and helping them measure.; and it's amazing that by a lot of brokers aren't looking at these numbers every single month. And it's kind of creeping up on them, especially if they're pushing the boundaries. So they can kind of prepare for what maybe the unforeseen future, either a positive or negative. So if we're looking at those business metrics every month, you're not getting surprised. And I'm finding that we're getting great results. 


Key Yessaad: This is not new; you've been doing this for the past 18 months to two years?


Stan Bishop: Since selling my brokerage in 2017, I have been a Coach consultant; but prior to that I've been coached by numerous brokers, whether it be or systems out there, Corcoran consulting, Buffini, Mike Ferry, all the major trainers out there, I've gotten information and so I'm pulling all this information together to come up with the best practices what I feel help a broker. And basically what I'm looking to do is align myself and other brokers to be an extension of your executive team.  


You know, most professional athletes, most professionals in the in the business, they have somebody out there who's helping them become better. You know, what I want to do is I want to be that person for those Brokers out there because I know what it's like to struggle and I know what it's like to have to pay to go to work. And I know it's like to have a fear of are you going to have enough money at the end of the day? I also know what it's like to grow a brokerage. I know what it's like to have multiple offices, and I know what it's like to have a good balance between work and life. And if I can help somebody out there that to me is the goal and what I've achieved my success today. 


Key Yessaad: Well, like I told you guys, most of you know of him, but you probably don't know him. And the two of us, in our separate ways, will be at the Convention. And you'll see us in the hall. You'll see us in the events. Make sure remember that Stan’s face. That face is Stan Bishop. His full name is Stanley Bishop, but we call him Stan. By the way, Stan, thank you for doing this. I think it gives a sense of what you do. I think the relationship they'll build with you is what's going to matter the most.


Stan Bishop: Well, I'm looking forward to it, and as always Key thank you for what you do. You've been a big part of my growth and, and success and I really appreciate everything.


Key Yessaad: Thank you so much.


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