The Big Picture Benefits of the #8WeekSuccess Real Estate Boot-Camp

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I have designed the Real Estate Boot Camp, called the #8WeekSuccess Boot-Camp, as a unique training program that merges Prospecting for Listings with Advanced Internet Strategies, and Entrepreneurial Mindset Success. It was designed for less than 35% of all the Real Estate Agents and Brokers for whom going to the next level is not a wish, but a determined plan


The #8WeekSuccess Boot-Camp - What is it? Why is it Designed in that Manner? And Who Benefits? 


The Big Questions: Why is it that nearly 80% of all Real Estate Transactions are done by a little more than 20% of the Real Estate Agents? Why is it that some Agents become Listing Agents and the rest struggle with less than 8 Transactions per year? We keep thinking that hiring replacements is what gets us to production; but we keep forgetting that many of our agents are a mindset shift away from truly blossoming. 


Weaknesses in Fundamental Skills: The Major Areas of Weakness, Neglect, and Mental Challenges live in these five (5) Major Business foundations: 


  1. Agents’ and/or Brokers’ Business Attitude and Planning;
  2. Agents’ and/or Brokers’ Consistency with Prospecting Skills;
  3. Agents’ and/or Brokers’ Control of Presentation Skills;
  4. Agents’ and/or Brokers’ Time Blocking Management and Daily Habits;
  5. and Agents’ and/or Brokers’ Mental Toughness and Stamina


The Emphasis is and should be on Skills: We must Stop Thinking that agents are either naturally wired for Real Estate or not; All the areas I just discussed are areas of “Skill” and this is why this is a Boot-Camp; The Agents are going to work on these ideas for about 3 months; from the moment they start 2 to 3 weeks prior to the course to the 2 weeks after the course - They will be forging New Business Habits that will influence them for the rest of their existence. 


The Mentoring and Coaching Side: This Boot-Camp is the fruit of over 11 years of Coaching and Mentoring One-on-One Brokers and Top Agents, as well as taking New Agents and pushing them to New Heights; I consider the #8WeekSuccess Boot-Camp a Mentoring and Coaching at the Group Level with built-in Accountability and Progress Reports.  


Who are the Agents and Brokers who Benefit? Brokers, Experienced Agents, and New Agents benefit from this All-Encompassing Course; I cannot create the Inner Burning Desire to Excel and Succeed; but those who bring an ember of intention will turn it into a roaring Fire of Excellence with this Boot-Camp; Being Coachable and Collaborative are a Must - the first 4 assignments before the course begins self-select out those who are not ready. 


Which Participants ought to consider this Boot-camp?  It is unfortunate but it is a fact - Our Real Estate Industry is made up of 50% Agents and Brokers who are dabblers and the rest take it Seriously; Of those who take their Career Seriously, there is about 35% who find this Boot-Camp meaningful - it has nothing to do with their level of Success it has to do with their Desire to be pushed to the Next Level!  


Some Fundamentals Ideas: Typically 8 Fridays in a row, the 1st, 4th and 8th are All-Day Long in a Training Room from 8:30am to about 5:30pm; The other 5 are half days on Live Video Conferencing from 8:30am to 12Noon; Weekly Homework Assignments and Accountability Calls with Success Partners. Please make time to Read and Accept the Requirements.  


Some of The Strategic Topics: Prospecting Day by Day;  Inbound Marketing;  Door Knocking Strategies;  Web and SEO Fundamentals;  Time-Blocking; Internet Spiders;  Meta Tags;  Landing Pages;  Open House Prospecting;  Navigation Management;  Lead Generation;  Keywords Management;  Direct Response Marketing;  Social Media Leverage;  Blog Marketing;  Pay per Click Management;  Internet Video Marketing;  Time Management and Business Planning;  Success Partner Growth;  Squeeze Pages;  Lead to Close Management; and much more…


And Yes, they are all logically connected!


Some Brokers Incentives: Each Broker is different but most of them do Not mind paying for the cost of the training for their agents; they just want to make sure the agents take seriously; They believe in the participant having Skin in the Game and by treating like adults; which means the agents pay for their own course; And the incentives are like this: Some brokers will pay for their Agents Annual Renewal Dues if they get 3 listings 6 months after the course; or pay $100 per closing for a total of 4 listings within 6 months or a year, etc…


Big Picture Thinking - Ponder these E-Myth Quotes: “Great businesses are not built by extraordinary people but by ordinary people doing extraordinary things.” and “Most entrepreneurs Fail because they are working IN their business rather than ON their business.” – Michael Gerber 


I write articles and blogs on a daily basis and record videos weekly. If you wish to follow me and read my ideas on Entrepreneurship, Real Estate Careers, Managing Success, Developing the Proper Mindset for Business, visit:  - Thank You! 


Written and Shared by Key Yessaad, Master Real Estate Strategist, Veteran Real Estate Trainer, Expert SEO Consultant, Internet Marketing Specialist, and Business Mentor/Coach. (910) 538-6610 -


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