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Posted by Key Yessaad @zenkey on October 1, 2019 at 4:00 AM

Becoming a Listing Agent is a Decision… - Video… 


The Chicken or The Egg… Many think you need to start with Skills, Knowledge, then Experience with Buyers, before you become a Listing Agent; #KeySuccessIdeas - That thinking is NOT Strategic; One Starts with the Decision and then re-arranges the world around them to achieve it. Clarity emerges from first knowing how you are going to earn an income as a Real Estate Professional, and yes you can dedicate yourself to working with Buyers exclusively - but your career will never be balanced until you add a percentage of Sellers to the mix.


Employee versus Entrepreneur… Those who make Decisions after achieving the skills tend to have an Employee Mindset - which is very understandable; But to be an Entrepreneur is about creating your Reality; You first Decide what you want then work the steps that get you there.


U.S. Home Inventory… In the U.S. 5.3 Millions Homes change hands - yet 7.5 to 8 Millions Families have a Demand for Median Homes between $200K and $300K; Buyers Buy the inventory brought to market by Listing Agents; and near 90% of Sellers are selling because Life is happening to them… You hear agents chatting with their clients as though the market is making them decide to Buy or Sell; in fact their motivation has nothing to do with the Market. The Conversation about the Market is really a conversation about affordability; for Sellers: what am I going to be able to afford after I sell my primary residence. For Buyers: it is mostly about the equivalency between renting and having a mortgage, and of course will they qualify for a Mortgage Loan.


Think of the Real Estate Market as the accumulation of Decisions made by Sellers for their own personal Needs; and the Buyers as the pickers and choosers in that inventory. Many will tell you the inventory is affected by the economy, but that effect is minor compared to “Life Happening.”


Life Happens… Sellers Sell because of Good and Bad events happen in their Lives - Examples of Good Happenings: Job Promotion; Marriage; Children; Change of Career; etc.; Bad Happenings: Divorce; Death; Major Illness; Loss of Employment; Getting Older; Business Loss; Bad Weather; etc.


Time versus Emotions… If measured in terms of hours worked, Buyers demand 3.5 times the amount that Homeowners Need for Selling; If measured in terms of Emotions Sellers are harder because they demand Expertise, Results, Proper Communication, and Confidence.


The Good News… Skills are Acquired and Learned - No one is born a Listing Agent; No one is born knowing everything about the Listing Process; Once you have made the decision to become a Listing Agent you will then re-arrange the furniture of your mind and take the Proper Training and/or Boot-Camp.


Ponder this Idea… Defeated and Vanquished People make Decisions based on their Current Situation; Successful People make decisions based on where they want to be. Yes this idea on the surface sounds harsh and heartless, but that is the world you have chosen to be a part of when you decided to be an entrepreneur. I am certain a few months or a few years from now, when you read this idea again, it will resonate clearly to you.


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