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Posted by Key Yessaad @zenkey on September 10, 2019 at 5:00 AM

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Let us start our Business Days Selfishly with a focus on Me-Time which includes Mantras, Meditations, Reflections, and Affirmations; #KeySuccessIdeas - they are the Positive thoughts we must bring to the foreground of our consciousness in order to do battle to the barrage of Negativity we must face Daily as mere mortals. 


I have put together fifty (50) Mantras that resonate with me - of course I do not expect them all to echo in your being; what I hope is that you use some of them as a springboard to create your own and empower yourself to Thrive and Succeed


I Am One with Myself!I Face Fear with Courage and Humility!I Attract Positive Energetic People!Each Day I Wake Up with Purpose and Clarity!I Have all that I Need in order to Succeed!My Actions are Aligned with my State of Mind!I Release all Negative Thoughts about the Past!I Live an Abundant Life!I Am Motivated!I Am Mentally and Emotionally Resilient! 


I Am One with Nature!I Have the Drive to Reach all My Goals!;  I Exude Authenticity!I Am Calm, Composed, and Peaceful!;  I Choose Clarity over Confusion!Everything that I do serves my Goals and Enhances Others!Negativity is a Stranger in my Life!I Make Time for Joy in my Life!I Wake up each Day Trusting my Vision!I Let go of all my Anxieties about the Future! 


I Radiate Prosperity!I Refuse to let Complacency run my Life!I Get what I Focus On!I Am in Sync with my Intuition!I Demand Excellence out of Myself!I Am Grateful for Today!I Prioritize my Time and Shun Distractions!I Wake up with the Purpose of doing Great Things!I Attract Abundance in my Life!I Overcome Fear Daily by Taking Action! 


I Bring Jubilation and Hope to all the People I Touch!I Am A Successful Entrepreneur!I Am Respectful of all the People that I Encounter!I Am Patient!I Breath In Serenity and Exhale Stress!;  I Give and Keep My Word!I Let in Beauty and Stand Up to Hate!;  I Make Time for My Inner Spiritual Self!I Am the Only One who Can Stop Me!I Make Progress Daily!


I Radiate Joy and Happiness in my Life!I Am Fierce and Tenacious about my Success Journey!;  I Draw from My Inner Strength and Light!I Am aware that I am Present Right Here and Right Now!I Trust the Energy of The Universe!I Am a Loyal Being!I Have been put on this Earth to Serve Others!I Respect Myself!I Am in Complete Harmony with My Intentions!I Am Thankful for the Abundance in my Life


Have a Wonderful Productive Day! 


Whatever name you give to Mantras, Affirmations, and/or Incantations what matters most is that you play them to yourself, so you can displace the automatic negative ones that want to play in your mind. By being proactive about what you consume mentally you actually end up re-wiring your brain to support you on your personal journey - Choose Positivity the way you define it, and live it to the fullest


Beautiful Background Music is: Affirmation by Lee Rosevere and licensed under an Attribution-NonCommercial License.


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