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Posted by Key Yessaad @zenkey on September 2, 2019 at 5:00 AM

Smart Entrepreneurs possess a profound insight and it is: “The repeated implementation of the right systems produce consistent results.#KeySuccessIdeas - These few entrepreneurs are not hunting for sophisticated ideas or magic tricks – they focus instead on Habits, Daily Routines they can count on to be in the zone of production. Let me give you an oversimplified view: Good Habits lead to Good Results


Look at your day, I promise you will unearth a series of routines and habits you do on a daily basis. You may think that your day is haphazard; you may even believe that you do different things all the time - in fact you don’t. You are a creature of habits and if you bothered to journal yourself for a few weeks, patterns would emerge. You are in fact stuck in a matrix of habits that you repeat predictably, and the biggest foresight you can have is this: You created your own Matrix of Habits


There is good news and there is also some bad news - You are the one who lets in consciously and unconsciously the good habits and the bad habits - they did not form out of thin air; you are the architect of these habits; and the sooner you realize this the faster you will get to “The Good Place.” The place where results happen because they are a natural outcome of a properly designed series of Habits and Routines - but you must first take stock of where you are and what you are doing. You have to list, in non-judgmental way, all of your good habits; all of your bad habits; as well as all the missing strategic habits. Do you really want to call yourself an Entrepreneur who will succeed is a consistent manner? - Then you must go through this door - The Awareness Door. 


Where do you go next? For change to occur you have to add it to your reality and think about it; these deep reflections start new pathways to solutions. As you engage in this process write about it in a journal; writing solidifies your ideas and they become a lot clearer. This is called the Contemplation Stage - You are not in fact changing anything; you are becoming aware that change is in the air; and that this time you are doing it deliberately and courageously


Sometimes the best thing to do, once you have identified a bad habit, is to get rid of it; but this is not always easy - bad habits have a strong hold on us. The second best thing is to displace a bad habit and replacing it with a good habit. Let me use an example; say you know yourself to be pulled to your television when you work from home, and that urge is really strong. Well instead of working on your business at home from 9am to 1pm; you go to your brokerage, sit at one of the available desks or cubicles and work from there. When you put a separation between you and the environment where the bad habit takes place you now have a chance to overcome it; and once you stick to this mode of being for 6 to 8 weeks you have created a new paradigm. You took Action and are now taking advantage to Repetition.  


For Habits to have a chance to make us and stick with us for the long term, we have to integrate Awareness, Contemplation, Action, and Repetition in our existence. Here is a great quote by General Colin Powell: “If you are going to achieve excellence in big things, you develop the habit in little matters. Excellence is not an exception, it is a prevailing attitude.”  - #8WeekSuccess 



Written and Shared by Key Yessaad, Master Real Estate Strategist, Veteran Real Estate Trainer, Expert SEO Consultant, Internet Marketing Specialist, and Business Mentor/Coach. (910) 538-6610 - 


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