Going from the Job Market to the Entrepreneurial World - A Demanding Transition - #KeySuccessIdeas

Posted by Key Yessaad @zenkey on August 1, 2019 at 5:00 AM

From a Job to Entrepreneur is not a guaranteed transition, and sadly few manage to pull it off. #8WeekSuccess - Some think that having a pot of money in the bank is the first step in transitioning; I wish it were sufficient or even a guaranteed strategy - unfortunately it is not. The 4 to 6 months between the two different states of being are the most difficult and few managers/brokers are equipped to coach and mentor participants during that transition.


The Job period of your life is about building the vision of others while being paid for your value with an hourly rate; Being an Entrepreneur is about building your vision for yourself and getting paid for the results you create - regardless of how many hours you put in. This is a big transformation and it can be painful one for many.


Take Real Estate as an example: You are not entering a field that is lacking in talent and competitors, and don’t fool yourself into thinking that pats on the back are coming your way because you work hard - remember there is a simplicity you must confront: Those who put the Deals together and Close them get the Glory and Rewards - the rest better hustle to get their own.


During the transition period focus on Disciplined Habits; find shops or Brokerages that offer transition checklists that are driven by daily activities that get you as close as possible to appointments; and take training to learn to become a master at handling presentations - these are skills that are developed not skills one is born with. I wish you the best of Luck on your transition Journey. #keyideas


Written by Key Yessaad - Real Estate Internet Strategist (@zenkey)  -  (910) 538-6610


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