Choose to be observed...

Posted by Key Yessaad on July 8, 2018 at 11:50 AM

Many of you truly want to succeed and make a big difference in the world; and you sold yourself the idea that you will do it alone, somewhere in a cave that you alone can access, and that one day you will emerge triumphant with all the wealth and wisdom of Success… Who sold you that Plan? What is Hollywood Movies that are full of Super-Heroes toiling in loneliness and Sadness and that romanticized your mind? Or was it the romance of extraordinary Scientists who work alone in their labs for decades and emerge as the messiah to humanity?


You do your best work when you are being observed; you may not like it but please stop the lie that if no one is watching you then you are capable of magical feats… I wish I could have a non-judgmental camera on you when you are working – not to catch you doing something wrong; but instead to re-enforce the good work you do and nurture more of it.


Not long ago we used to be a culture when apprenticeship meant that you went to work for a mentor, and She or He would give you tasks to work on and help you adjust your performance. They would share with you the wisdom of developing good habits; working on difficult tasks by breaking down to their fundamental elements. They were engaged and observant of your routines and helped you strengthen your understanding without judgment nor punishment.


Ask yourself if the seduction of going at it alone is working for you? Then take action to transform your way of being towards the success you seek. #8WeekSuccess

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