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Posted by Key Yessaad @zenkey on January 5, 2011 at 9:00 PM

The blog today will be short but also useful – many who have had a website for many years and a deep Search Engine Index like to know what are their most powerful pages. Wouldn’t be also nice to know which of your indexed pages have the highest visibility for a specific keyword or search phrase?

The Geeks of this world use tools like Google Webmaster Tools and conjure such statistics, but let’s be practical it is cumbersome for most Real Estate Agents; so why not learn a couple of tricks that can help you get some insights:

The way you are going to view these results is by first going to and typing the Operators I will share with you into the Search Bar and pressing Enter.

[Note: replace the word with of course your own domain. (it sounds obvious but sometime people forget.]

1. Find your Website Most Powerful Pages: www

Example: if Mike Grumbles wanted to see his region’s website most powerful pages he would go to Google and in the search bar type: www – the index will reveal something like 430 indexed pages ordered by the currently most powerful pages do appear in the index.

Example: if Steve Manley wanted to do the same thing he would type: www – you get the idea.

2. Find your website Most Powerful Pages related of a specific Keyword: keyword

Example: Let’s take Craig Summerall and let’s say he wanted to find the post powerful pages related to the keyword “Lexington SC Real Estate” in his website; he would type in the Google Search bar: Lexington sc Real Estate

This could be quite a useful tool if say you wish to find out if Google has indexed you for a specific concept; if Shelia Bennett was trying to find the pages that contain the concept “St Helena Island Homes” in her website she would type: St Helena Island Homes

PS: another way of finding exact phrases within your website is to add quotation marks as in: “Real Estate SEO” – this will show you all the pages that contain the exact phrase “Real Estate SEO” in the website and ordered by the most powerful pages.

These two seemingly cryptic ideas will start revealing to you your website construct and effectiveness; of course your website on its own is not enough – it is how it fits in the Google-Sphere  that matters the most. When you are working on your Real Estate SEO remember to be deliberate and focused; blog once a week; and continue to learn the fundamentals.

Happy Blogging :)Key Yessaad

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