Why Registering Early in The #8WeekSuccess Real Estate Boot-Camp is Good?

Posted by Key Yessaad @zenkey on July 9, 2019 at 5:00 AM

The #8WeekSuccess Real Estate Training Program was designed for Agents and Brokers who believe that Job 1 is Prospecting, followed by Deliberate Lead Generation,  Overt Internet Marketing, Conversion Systems, Practical Checklists, Purposeful Proven Scripts, Courageous Engagement, Video Presence, and a Great Attitude towards their Career.

Benefits of Registering Early: When you Register for the course you are not definitely committing to it - You are first and foremost making sure it will benefit you; The first Assignment is a 2-Way Interview and deep conversion about the Boot-Camp, the instructor, the format, the Realtor, the Industry, and your Success

Your 2nd Assignment: At the conclusion of the Interview I will email you a 7-page Vision Questionnaire; The Questionnaire was designed to draw out your vision and get you in touch with your Future Self and start laying the ground for your Long-Term Success in Real Estate.

I will then give you 4 to 5 days to complete it to the best of your ability and send it back to me! Please Note your answers do not affect your participation, what matters is that you take it seriously and do your best with it.

Your 3rd Assignment: You will then receive a Short Business Plan that I will ask you Fill-Out; This Business Plan was designed to help you think about the top activities a Real Estate Professional undergoes on a Weekly, Monthly, and Quarterly basis.

If you have never put together such Plans don’t be alarmed; I will coach you step by step to fill it out with your own vision in mind and your own Success Goals. I do not impose Production on Agents – I help agents and brokers create their own!

Your 4th Assignment: At this Stage I will give you a 1-hour Instruction Video that will help you put together a proper Internet Marketing Bio; Having a Proper Bio that you disseminate properly on the internet will help you with your Validation and Social Media Interactions.

Note that the video was designed as a Step by Step How-To - You will learn the 5 elements of a Proper Bio and how to go about linking it properly and sharing it online. You will then be given plenty of time to create your Own.

Final Assignment prior to Start of the Boot-Camp: Our Last Conversation will then focus on an Audit of your Web Services and Real Estate Internet Resources; I will then invite you to participate in the #8WeekSuccess Boot-Camp and reserve your Seat. Note: 20 to 24 are invited in per program.

Those who understand that registering 2 to 4 weeks before the course commences get the most value, and learn to develop an Entrepreneurial Mindset in lock step with a Prospecting one. I hope you choose to inquire about this Boot-Camp.

Recorded by Key Yessaad - Real Estate Internet Strategist (@zenkey) - (910) 538-6610

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