Real Estate Video Marketing, SEO Tags, and Narration Visualization - June 2019 - #8WeekSuccess

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For a Real Estate Career to become fruitful it must include Deliberate Prospecting, and one of the ways to enhance it is Video Marketing - #8WeekSuccess - Our Agents and Brokers are hungry to master Video because they can see how it affects and create engagement - yet we are not teaching them how to properly post su...

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Real Estate Video Marketing, YouTube Meta Tags, and Narration Visualization - Workshop May 2019 - #8WeekSuccess

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Real Estate Video Marketing is a learned skill; no one is born with it; and it is not in the hand of the few - #8WeekSuccess - it is a Marketing Strategy to educate your customers and to get noticed for what you do and where you do it. Video Marketing in Real Estate is no longer a side activity, it is front and center; and many forget t...

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Who is Key Yessaad and Why Should I listen to him?

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Real Estate Internet Marketing and SEO are topics that cause anxiety at times with many Real Estate Professionals. This type of anxiety has been manipulated by many charlatans and even some vendors to take advantage of those for whom this is a dense topic; yet many Realtors cannot fathom working with their clients without the ability to offer them a Web Platform for Searching properties, asking questions, and interacting with Listings and Videos.


In this video I sh...

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