Real Estate Agent Coaching with Key Yessaad

Once a year, between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I design and act on my Real Estate Business Coaching Plan - which is primarily focused on Brokers and Managers of Real Estate Offices and Brokerages.

But few know that I also take on no more than four (4) agents a year to coach; and this year I kept one slot open for one professional to choose to act and ask for it.


I have already selected the three agents I will work with in 2016 and they know what I demand of them; this last Agent, who will self-select, may not - so here we go:


What is it that I look for in a Real Estate Agent before I accept a Coaching Agreement with them:


1. The courage to be an Overt Prospecting Agent even if the agent does not have the experience doing it. My sessions do not resonate very well with those for whom Real Estate is a second job or a hobby.


2. The Real Estate Agent must be, or learn to become, an Avid Reader - you will be asked to Read and Write daily, rain or shine, no matters the ups or the downs.


3. The Real Estate Agent must establish clear measurable goals which will then be turned into a Business Plan. The Plan will then be divided into primary activities that the Coachee must implement regardless of circumstances.


4. The Real Estate Agent must eliminate late night TV and develop the habit of waking up early - no later that 6am. This may seem too demanding on my part but you must know that the biggest enemy of Real Estate Success is lack of Stamina which is directly correlated to lack of Sleep.


5. The Real Estate Agent will be Truthful and Open - this is where and why trust matters. If a Coachee is not comfortable and Trusting of their Business Coach there will be no progress - and Vice-versa: if I don't know what barriers you are facing I will not be able to offer the right tools to help you break through them.


6. The Real Estate Agent must know that as a Coach it is not what you know that matters to me, it is what you do. In fact the only person who will obsess over Results will be you - I want to hear about activities taken - Results always follow Action.


7. As your Coach you should relieve your mind and spirit out of impressing me - I am the least important being in your life; what matters is your progress, your goals, and exceeding your expectations. Results and Achievements matter to me; but what is truly sublime to me is you doing what you say you will do - even if you fail at times.


8. The Real Estate Agent Must have, or Plan to have, a Real Estate Website and be coachable on it. You may not have all the skills of Internet Marketing and that is OK; must you must commit to learning and implementing them as you learn them from me.


9. The attitude of the Real Estate Agent is important - not just in the work we will be doing together, but in general. Your Outlook and Attitude towards your Buyers, Sellers, Brokers, and Colleagues will shape your Business Success. Real Estate is a People Business.


10. The Real Estate Coachee will be on-time all the time to all sessions - No wiggle room here. The minimum number of Weekly Sessions will be 12 or 3 months. Most Sessions will be an hour long and may last 90 minutes. The Interview Session will be free and non-binding.


I take my job and business reputation very seriously and I expect the same from those I coach. The Quantity of clients at this stage of my business career is no longer important - but the Quality, Drive, and Determination of those I work with matters most.

I want to Participate but I have a few Questions:

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