Space Limited: 24 to 30 Participants - Video 

The #8WeekSuccess Training Boot-Camp:
Prospecting, Internet Strategies, and Lead Generation for the Focused REALTOR
Session #1 Friday June 11th, 2021 - PDF 
Interviews start May 17th
MUST Complete 3 Assignments to reserve a Seat!

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Course Spirit and Requirements:

All Participants Must Register and fill out the above Online Questionnaire which will be followed by an interview and Early Assignments. Please know that this is an Intensive Course - it was not designed for everyone!

(Once Interviewed, accepted into the course, and have completed your 3 assignments, you will receive an email that will send you to a payment online system.)
The Requirements are extremely Strict and Non-Negotiable. Please do not register until you have read carefully All the Requirements:
  • You are striving and of the Mindset to become a Listing Agent – this does not mean you do not work with Buyers – but that you are striving to become a Prospecting Agent.
  • You must pass a thorough Interview and complete three (3) Important Assignments before you are invited to attend this course.
  • If you miss a session you will be cut from the course and there will be No Refunds. Note: If you are prone to lots of emergencies in your Life this course is probably not for you.
  • You must agree to work well with others, add to the experiences of others, and have a Great Attitude about tackling your Challenges.
  • You must agree to participate uninterrupted for the duration of the live sessions and not schedule any events, side tasks, or emergencies during the hours of the live instructions.
  • You must have an Actual Laptop (PC or Mac) – Laptop can be substituted by a Desktop. Attendance to the class via Smartphone or Tablet is not effective nor conducive to learning and proper interactions.
  • Each participant must agree to work closely with at least 2 members of the Program and support each other through a process called: “Success Partnership” – You will be asked to view a video and agree to participate with the spirit of that video.
  • You must Collaborate and Practice Scripts Weekly with Success Partners. At least once live or on the phone; and at least once Face to Face via Facetime, Google Duo, Zoom, Google Meet, etc.
  • You must agree to complete all assignments to the best of your ability and refrain from resorting to excuses. This is a NO-EXCUSES Boot-Camp.
  • In order to take full advantage of the course you may want to have a proper Real Estate Website – if not sure how to proceed, you and I will discuss your personal needs during the interview.
  • The 10/5 Assignment: You agree to read a chosen business book (you may choose it) for a minimum of 10 minutes every morning and have a Business Journal to write your reflections. If not sure what book to pick consider “No Excuses!: The Power of Self-Discipline” - by Brian Tracy.
  • The Web-Conferencing room will be open at 8:00am Eastern. You are expected to be logged-in with webcam and microphone fully tested before 8:15am. We start promptly at 8:30am Eastern!
  • I can only mentor and train 24 to 30 individuals in this program; if you really know yourself not to follow through please do not register and allow the space for others - Thank You!

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Detailed Video on the Mindset of Prospecting and In-Depth Understanding of the Upcoming Jun-Jul 2021 Boot-Camp

Video: The 5 Essential Processes for Getting Listings and The Statistics of Prospecting - #8WeekSuccess - Handout

Consider Downloading the PDF Handout and following along while Watching Video - This is recording of a Live Webinar held Friday May 14th, 2021 focuses on the Real Estate Market in 2021 and How agents must position themselves to succeed in it. Understanding the Market requires grasping some Fundamental yearly Listings Statistics. I introduce you to 5 necessities of Expertise in your business and explain why the market is healthy, and why you need to focus on the Listings as well as the Buyers. Becoming a listing agent is not only important to your career; I remind you it is a skill, a learned skill, a mastered skill, and requires Discipline, Accountability, and Proper Planning.

Get to Know the #8WeekSuccess Real Estate Boot-Camp

Video: Why Register Early in
The #8WeekSuccess Real Estate

Contact Key at (910) 538-6610
ALL Sessions are Live Via Video Conferencing
Training Schedule: All Times EST
Log-in Starts at 8:00am - We Start promptly at 8:30am to 12:00pm with a 15' Break.

Week 1: Friday, June, 11th
Topic: Time Blocking and Accountability

Week 2: Friday, June, 18th
Topic: Leads Conversion Strategies

Week 3: Friday, June, 25th
Topic: Canvassing Strategies for Prospectors

Week 4: Friday, July, 2nd
Topic: Buyers' Consultations and Negotiation

Week 5: Friday, July, 9th

Topic: Landing Pages and Lead Generation

Week 6: Friday, July, 16th

Topic: Blog Marketing and Social Media

Week 7: Friday, July, 23rd
Topic: Video marketing & Proper Meta Tags

Week 8: Friday, July, 30th
Topic: Farming and EDDM Strategies

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About the Trainer:

Key Yessaad is a Real Estate Mindset Trainer, Prospecting Coach, Internet Strategist, and creator of the #8WeekSuccess Real Estate Boot-Camp Program. Key has been a Trainer and Business Coach for 2 decades focusing primarily on empowering Agents develop the Skills and Habits of Prospecting, Web SEO Strategies, Time Blocking, Blogging, Lead Generation, and Listing Success. #KeyWorkshops - (910) 538-6610

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