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Bonus Week
April 15th, 2021

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 You, Your Clients, Your Time, The Market, and Effective Prospecting
Not Required - Music Video - Get Down Tonight by KC and The Sunshine Band - Dance Mashup – Bonus Week of #8WeekSuccess - Shared Apr 15th, 2021
Fun Music and Dance before the Class - Get Down Tonight by KC and The Sunshine Band - Dance Mashup - 1975. Intentional Message: “I Have Joy and Gratitude in My Heart!”


Week 8 


April 1st, 2021 


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Strategic Business Planning and Effective EDDM Marketing

Not Required - Music Video - Twist and Shout by The Beatles Parade Scene Ferris Bueller's Day Off – Week 8 of #8WeekSuccess - Shared Apr 1st, 2021
Twist and Shout by The Beatles Parade Scene Ferris Bueller's Day Off - 1963/1986. Intentional Message: “I am Creating the Life I Deserve to Live!”


Week 7 


Mar 25th, 2021 


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The Science of Persuasion and Real Estate Video Marketing

Not Required - Music Video - Pump It by The Black Eyed Peas – Week 7 of #8WeekSuccess - Shared Mar 25th, 2021

Pump It by The Black Eyed Peas – 2006 – Are you Pumped? Pump It, Louder… Louder… Louder… Intentional Message: “I am Full of Energy and Exude it with Joy!”



Week 6 


Mar 18th, 2021 


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The Math of Prospecting and Real Estate Blog Marketing

Not Required - Music Video - Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO – Week 6 of #8WeekSuccess - Shared Mar 18th, 2021

Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO – 2011 Single that make feet shuffle. Intentional Message: “I Accept that Happiness is my True Nature!”

Week 5 
Mar 11th, 2021 
Real Estate Presentation Skills and The Role of Landing Pages
Not Required - Music Video - Boogie Wonderland by Earth, Wind and Fire – Week 5 of #8WeekSuccess - Shared Mar 11th, 2021

Boogie Wonderland by Earth, Wind and Fire - Amazing Feel Good, Dance, Disco, and Classic Song. Intentional Message: “Stop Waiting for Permission, Go for It!”



Week 4


Mar 4th, 2021


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Real Estate Dips, Buyers’ Counseling, and Phone Canvassing

Not Required - Music Video - Ready To Go by Republica – Week 4 of #8WeekSuccess - Shared Mar 4th, 2021
Ready to Go by Republica – Perfect Energy Song to Get Going with your Day!
Week 3 
Feb 25th, 2021
 The Open House Prospecting and Canvassing Strategy
Not Required - Music Video - Can’t Stop The Felling by Characters in Movie TROLLS – Week 3 of #8WeekSuccess - Shared Feb 25th, 2021

“Can’t Stop The Feeling” sang by The Characters in the Movie Trolls. Happy, Upbeat, and Fun Music by Justin Timberlake.



Week 2 


Feb 18th, 2021 


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The Leads’ Conversion Mindset, Approach, Scripts, and Follow-Up Checklists

Not Required - Music Video - HAPPY - Walk off the Earth Ft. Parachute – Week 2 of #8WeekSuccess - Shared Feb 18th, 2021
HAPPY - Walk off the Earth Ft. Parachute

Week 1

Feb 11th, 2021

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Real Estate Prospecting, Time Blocking, and the Accountability Mindset

Not Required - Music Video - Dance Mix - Dance Like No One is Watching – Week 1 of #8WeekSuccess - Played Feb 11th, 2021
This Dance Mix Music is shared to test Audio and Video Play during the Setup of Participants in GoToMeeting and played via the Chat Function.
Additional Bonus Videos to Enhance your Real Estate Mindset
Not Required - Well-Being and Breathing Exercise to reduce Anxiety and fall asleep faster - Bonus for #8WeekSuccess - shared Feb 11th, 2021

Dr Andrew Weill shares in this video a breathing exercise that will help us reduce tension, anxiety, get into a better state of relaxation, as well as help with sleeping when anxious - he calls it the “4-7-8 breathing technique.”

Dr Weill describes this breathing technique this way: 1. Press the tip of your tongue to the tissue behind your front teeth, then exhale your breath completely out through your mouth; 2. While keeping your tongue pressed behind your teeth, inhale softly through your nose for a count of 4 seconds; 3. Then hold your breath for 7 seconds. 4. Exhale with a whoosh sound all the air through your mouth for 8 seconds; then repeat this cycle for a total of 4 times.
Not Required - How you Wake Up – Understanding the Sleep Cycle and How it affects you - Bonus for #8WeekSuccess - shared Feb 11th, 2021
In this 6’ minute Mel Robbins shares insights on How we wake up and how the sleep cycle is affected by the Snooze Button. As Entrepreneurs and Real Estate Processionals Sleep is essential, but many of us have developed bad habits around it – let’s see if we can take some insights from this video and how we can improve ourselves and in so doing our businesses.

Important for Some Not Required - The Elements of Hands’ On Real Estate Marketing Websites - Download Handout before viewing Video - This Video is intended for those of you who do not have iHouse or Onjax as a platform - Bonus for #8WeekSuccess - shared Feb 11th, 2021

What if a Real Estate Professional desired to control every aspect of their Internet Marketing Presence and Lead Generation, what type of Website would he or she get in order to do the right type of work? I identify 11 criteria for what I call a fully Hands’ On Marketing Website that should allow the agent to control their long-term SEO Visibility, control over their local keywords, sharing and educating their visitors with stories and videos, while offering localized listings and solutions.
Important but Not Required - Building Habits for Long-Term Success - Recorded August 13th, 2017 - Bonus for #8WeekSuccess - shared Feb 11th, 2021

In this 42' Video recorded August 13th 2017 I share with the #8WeekSuccess Participants their Week 1 Assignments while emphasizing the concept of Habits. Real Estate is an Activity driven business designed for Entrepreneurs and that means developing the right daily habits of Success.

Get started with what you are learning immediately - do not let Perfection become the enemy of Progress. You have been assigned a Success Partner start working with them following the Weekly Closing Habits.

Not Required - The Pillars of your Internet Marketing Success are Hyperlinks – Let’s Master them! - Breakout Session October 18th, 2018 at the EXIT Convention - Bonus for #8WeekSuccess - Shared Feb 11th, 2021

The mortar that makes the Internet is made by mixing Words with Hyperlinks – That’s it! Without links there’s no SEO, No Social Media, No Algorithms, No Lead Generation, literally no internet. Yet our Real Estate Professionals have yet to master their usage, understand the various flavors of Hyperlinks, but most importantly how to infuse them in your Marketing. Let’s reveal links for what they are and learn 2 strategies to help you with your Long Term Visibility…

EXIT Realty Convention Breakout Session at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center in Washington DC.
Not Required - Understanding Algorithms, PageRank, and How they relate to Real Estate SEO Visibility - Bonus for #8WeekSuccess - Shared Feb 11th, 2021

As a Real Estate Professional you are first and foremost a Marketer, and as such must confront Algorithms in your Website, Technology, Smartphones, and Sales. What are Algorithms? In this 21' video I demystify the concept of Algorithms and Google Pagerank with the help of Professor Marcus du Sautoy with 2 short clips from his brilliant documentary "The Secret Rules of Modern Living: ALGORITHMS"

Please find the time to watch the Documentary at: - and if you have young kids around you, trust me when I say they must watch it with you... The future of Manufacturing, Architecture, Design, and Human endeavor will be driven by understanding and creating Algorithms.

Not Required - The Soul of a Truly-Driven Prospector - Bonus for #8WeekSuccess #8WeekSuccess - Shared Feb 11th, 2021

This 11’ video is a metaphor of the life of a True Real Estate Prospector. It is a portion from the Netflix Movie called: “The Ballad of Buster Scruggs.” A Prospector sees the end goal before he or she can touch it – they tend to be deliberate, methodical, courageous, and understand that they are alone most of the time. I hope it inspires you to stay on the path of your chosen career…

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More Videos from Key Yessaad:

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Gratefulness - Abundance - Love
In this 2’ inspirational video the theme of Gratefulness repeats itself and is connected to Abundance, Love, and the energy of uplifting others in our lives. We see the world through filters, and are not aware that we are imposing on ourselves how we see things – Negativity brings more negativity – Abundance spreads and is returned with more abundance…
On the Creative Process and Perseverance by Ira Glass
How do you approach the Creative Process and become more accomplished? In this insightful video Ira Glass shares insights between the distinction of doing Good Work and our Taste and Ambition; they will not match as we endeavor to get better, but the volume of work we do with passion closes that gap. Perseverance is our friend – we must embrace it! Thank you Ira Glass for your wisdom.
I Discipline my Mind and my Emotions

I am the one who decides; I am the one who will push myself; what matters is what is in front me and I will go all out… I can, I Can, I CAN, and I WILL…

Add-On Video: Understanding the Role of Credit, Loans, Interest Rates, and Cash in our US Economy - NOT Required Viewing

In this insightful 31' video Ray Dalio, Philanthropist and World largest Hedge Fund Manager, explains the role Credit, Loans, Debt, Interest Rates, Cash, and Earning influence our economy. This type of understanding is very important for our Real Estate Professionals to comprehend - they are, after all, the front line of all Real Estate Transactions.


For The Private and Personal Use of Participants in Feb-Apr 2021 #8WeekSuccess Boot-Camp!


If you are not Falling You are Not Learning - Lesson on Resilience

This is Katherine Beattie, the first Woman to do a Wheelchair Backflip, let her teach us some lessons on Resilience. Your Real Estate Career will require a huge dose of Resilience and Persistence. I can share that I thought Katherine's biggest challenge was to be in a Wheelchair, yet she illuminates that her Biggest Adversity was Needing and Wanting a Wheelchair and Not Being able to have one... But the idea that she reinforced in me was that falling is part of learning - Way to Go Katherine Beattie, you make this world a better place...
What Makes a Good Life? by Robert Waldinger
What keeps us happy and healthy as we go through life? If you think it's fame and money, you're not alone – but, according to psychiatrist Robert Waldinger, you're mistaken. As the director of 75-year-old study on adult development, Waldinger has unprecedented access to data on true happiness and satisfaction. In this talk, he shares three important lessons learned from the study as well as some practical, old-as-the-hills wisdom on how to build a fulfilling, long life.
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