EXIT Breakout Session with Stan and Key

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The Whole Office 10-Week Brokers' Coaching
and Agents' Training Program - Winter 2023

Designed by Mindset Trainers Stan Bishop and Key Yessaad

Program Designed for the Whole Office

The Winter 2023 10-Week Real Estate Program

Designed for EXIT Brokers & their Whole Office

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Newer Video in the Works: "Tips and Insights on The Onboarding Process of New Agents” and Get to Know the Summer 10-Week Program
Download PDF: Building The Right Culture and Getting the Best out of your Newly Sponsored/Recruited EXIT Agents is a Methodical Process. Onboarding is an All-Hands on Deck Exercise that should be Check-listed, Well-Planned, spread over several Weeks, and Prioritized to focus on the Ultimate Goal of Getting Great Production out of our Talented Associates. Stan and Key will share some Tips and Insights on important Strategic Activities and how to leverage your Administrator and Other Agents in this Critical Process. #StanCoaching #KeyProspecting 

About the Program: The Whole Office 10-Week Real Estate Brokers’ Coaching and Agents’ Training Program was designed to Focus our Brokers on the importance of Recruiting and running The Brokerage with Proper Systems; Proven Scripts; as well as focus on Agents to Convert more Sales and Grow their Listing Inventory.

Vision: When both our Brokers and Agents are humming with the right Prospecting Mindset; Proper Checklists; Systematic Time Blocking; and Consistent Follow Through, Results Emerge.

Total of 10 Live Sessions over 10 Weeks, alternating between Stan Bishop with Brokers Only and Key Yessaad with Roster of Agents selected by the Participating Brokers. Classes are 1 Hour-Long from 11am Eastern (10am CST) with login to the Meeting no later than 10:45am EST (9:45am CST.)

Dates: Session 1 Wednesday January 4th through Wednesday March 8th or Session 10.

All Sessions come with a Handout that will be emailed the Monday prior to the Training Class of the Week.

Each Session ends with Assignments. Brokers to Hold their Participating Agents Accountable for completion.

We highly recommend that Brokers attend Agents’ Sessions for Collaboration and Growth Purposes.

☐  All Live Classes are Wednesdays 11am EST to 12:15pm. Log in to Live Sessions starts at 10:45am EST.

☐  Program Dates for Brokers’ Only Live Sessions: Wednesday Jan 4th then, Jan 18th, Feb 1st, Feb 15th, and Mar 1st.

☐  Program Dates for Agents Live Sessions: (Brokers encouraged to participate) Wednesday Jan 11th then, Jan 25th, Feb 8th, Feb22nd, and Mar 8th.

Stan’s Topics: The Stan Bishop Brokers’ Coaching Slice: Stan will conduct 5 1-Hour Live Group Coaching Sessions with the Brokers Only. A Session every other week; focusing on: Business Planning, Goal Setting, Recruiting Systems, Lead Generation, Agents Onboarding, and Broker SWOT Success Analysis.

Key’s Topics: The Key Yessaad Agents’ Training Slice: Key will conduct 5 1h:15mn Live Group Training Sessions with the Agents and Brokers. A Session every other week; focusing on: Prospecting Mindset, Time-Blocking, Phone Canvassing, Leads Management Habits, Listings Door Canvassing, and Weekly Productivity Checklist.

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Newer Video in the Works: “JumpStart Your Real Estate Office Inventory for the Spring 2022 Market” and Get to Know the 10-Week Program
Download PDF: The Biggest Magnet of Opportunity in Real Estate is Inventory; What we all call “Office Listings.” Listings are not only good for the bottom line, but they also help Brand The Office locally with Other Agents, and make Recruiting more Organic. The Spring 2022 Market is soon to be here, and we Must Jumpstart Our inventory by urging our brokers to create a Good Plan of Action to Motivate our Agents to Get Listings.

Stan and Key Video: “2022 Brokerage Business Planning and Activity Checklist” - PDF 2022 Broker Business Agenda 

A True Business Plan is a Living Document that guides a brokerage to achieve its overarching Goals: Recruiting, Talent Management, Training, and Local Market Share. Now is the time to start your brokerage’s Business Plan for 2022. You should have the majority of your business plan completed in November and finalized by December, so that you roll into next year with the Momentum to make it your company’s best year ever - Video. #StanCoaching #KeyProspecting

Inspirational - Success is an Accumulation of Little Tiny Efforts - #8WeekSuccess #KeyProspecting - Shared October 2021

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About Stan Bishop:
Stan Bishop Consulting provides Customized Solutions for Real Estate Brokers looking to Grow to multiple offices, number 1 market share, or new brokerage start-ups. Our systems are designed to help you Recruit, Retain, and Increase per agent Productivity. (904) 237-2933 - #StanCoaching
About Key Yessaad:
Key Yessaad is a Mind-Set Trainer, Prospecting Coach, Internet Strategist, and creator of the #8WeekSuccess Boot-Camp. Key focuses especially on empowering Agents and Brokers to develop the Skills and Habits of Prospecting, Time Blocking, Accountability, Inbound Marketing, Blogging, Lead Generation, and Listing Success. (910) 538-6610 - #KeyProspecting

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