Winter 2012 Ideas and Thoughts Winter 2012 Ideas and Thoughts Being and Staying Calm facilitates Negotiations Real Estate Deals are fraught with emotions, and bring in a high number of participants and you may end up with chaos. Deals are made if you allow yourself to stay Calm and Collected! 171575413 Get going with your Commitments Faster Failure for many is paralyzing; but if you choose to have clarity of vision and know your commitments, then failing faster will be the best thing for you to get to your successes. 171623859 Working with Real Estate Leads requires Incubation Layer 1 of lead generation has always been emails, and they are highly unreliable. You must find a way to lead them to layer 2 which is Text Messaging; the Cell Phone Number of a Customer is now their most prized possession. 171671853 Our Reflections Nurtures our Opportunities Without reflection our Business Plans become weak and uninspiring. Real Estate Agents need the support of their brokers to nudge them towards their successes - and meeting with them regularly is the first step! 171721998 Laughter and Joy are Important in your Life The Business of Real Estate can be quite demanding and you must find a way to inject laughter and joy in it, in fact take them to your home and your challenges will be put in their proper perspective. 171753939 Surround yourself with Optimistic Visuals Your Brain is your best asset in growing your business; it is affected by the visuals and sounds you surround yourself in your workspace; Select Optimistic pictures and your spirits will lift. 171786710 Use Questions to Build Relationships In Real Estate Sales the barrier that must be removed first is that of indifference; when we build relationships it is easier to work with our clients - ask questions that open the door to relationships not Yes/No questions from the get go. 171835366 Learn the importance of the Median Home Price The Median Home Price and the Average Price are not the same; many in the Real Estate Industry have a hard time separating these two concepts - The Median gives you a gauge of affordability and health of a particular Real Estate Market. 171881730 The aura of your Expertise is important When you are presenting to a Real Estate Seller be aware that your knowledge and experience are important; but it is the aura of your expertise is what will clinch the deal. 171981599 You can Counter Procrastination with Intention When you choose to approach each business day with intention, preparation, and Clarity of Purpose, you are choosing to allow opportunity to into your life! 172030453 Stay Cool, Calm, and Collected when working with Expired Listings Allowing an Expired Seller to vent when you meet them to discuss their listing, and remaining calm, facilitates the potential of you gaining the Real Estate Listing. 172122864 Your Inner Worry Mind can be Tamed Your mind does not know how to remain silent, it has an inner voice that churns all of your worries and prevent you from moving forward; write down your worries and action will be clear! 172178290 The Freedom of a Real Estate Career has a Price Many ask me: why do so many Real Estate Agents not make it? The number One culprit is too much freedom; Real Estate allows agents to decide when and how to work - which creates the conditions of weak business implementation. 172233153 Incomplete Tasks linger in your mind Caustically Your Ability to be present, centered, and open to Opportunity requires you dealing with your Incompletions; tasks and communications that you have been avoiding but that don't go away. 172287170 Get to Know your Customers' Motivation In order to properly help a Property Owner sell their Home you should not only have a proper Marketing Strategy but also know the reason they are selling in the first place. 172346753 Your Goals must change you Today There is no purpose is designing Goals for the future if they do not alter you today; the trajectory you are on will deliver whatever the future has for you; your Goals ought to alter it to reach your dreams! 172405507 Control must be exercised with Caution Many Business Owners end up suffering because they wish to control every aspect of their business; and choke the creativity out the the people they hire to help them grow their business. 172469170 I am determined to pursue my Dreams If you open the door to quitting on your dreams then failure will haunt you at every turn... Chase your dreams with a grounded value, and commit to empowering others to reach their dreams. 172520298 Your Real Estate Activities must be framed The framing of your activities must follow your grand vision - activities for the sake of being busy is not for entrepreneurs, it is the dominion of employees! 172582630 Structure is not always the Enemy of Creativity Many will vacillate being the desire for complete business freedom of action and the benefits of structure and destination; it a false dichotomy - you should have both in your business! 172629703 Your Local Knowledge is your Business The most valuable trait of a Real Estate Professional is their local knowledge and the local Real Estate Trends; Never Stop learning and reviewing your local Real Estate Statistics. 172676768 Are you engaging all Decision Makers In Real Estate what the husband wants may not match what the wife desires; some of them will you use to extract clarity about what they are going to settle on... involve both of them in the Decision Making! 172754058 I am a Pro-Active Entrepreneur Real Estate Success is Never Reactive - it is mostly Pro-Active; Do you have the time to plan your day? 172816805 When you set SMART Goals you know where you are headed Your Real Estate Goals allow you to chart your Business Success; you are the one responsible for creating and managing the transactions of your business - so set your course! 172912783 Time rewards those who respect it Your Business Appointments will always run smoothly if you choose to arrive early to your Listing Appointments - can you still wing if you are late; sure - but there is a price of credibility and opportunity that you will have to pay! 173094184 Planning ahead creates the structure of Success The Real Estate Business appears to be unstructured but those who succeed at it are planners; they think ahead and plan for prospecting one week at the time! 173142996 Anchor what's not done Getting Things Done requires your awareness that What's Not Getting done is sapping your energy! Grab theses annoyances and anchor them on your Calendar and To-Do lists and regain your control. 173319116 Is your To-Do tackled emotionally? Not all the tasks and activities in your Calendar and/or To-Do List are going to feel good to undertake; you must confront the things you know you need to do that you are going out of your way to avoid doing. 173321896 Reduce your input to Control your Output When you choose to save every piece of electronic information you receive you are choosing to increase your input ; which reduces your output. Embrace your delete key or you will drown under a mountain of time lost! 173397660 Your workday Anxieties Cripple you You have to return to the source of your strength and knowledge - you already know how to do your job well; don't let anxiety cripple your workday! 173446598 Projects must have Time Boundaries You may choose to work on your projects and perfecting them endlessly, but if they are not bound by Time they will prevent you from moving forward. 173504624 Real Estate is a Local Business Real Estate Agents, at times, take for granted what they know, and worse assume they know - when you allow yourself to drive through areas you haven't been in a long while new opportunities open! 173566277 Memory is Not always your best friend Over-reliance on Memory for managing one's Time, Tasks, and Activities is really a burden and will stifle one's Creativity. 174022219 Real Estate is not a job - not even close Real Estate is NOT a job! Real Estate is for those who seek Responsibility, Accountability, and have Self- Motivation! 174366161 Plan your Marketing and let the Website follow Getting a website without a Plan of action that includes your Marketing Strategy is half baked - you will try to emulate others but not know how to do it properly and with what tools... 174419429 Trust that you know the Journey Climbing the ladder of Success starts with the realization that you must do those activities that you know must be done. Trust that you know and start climbing! 174739245 Be the Local Real Estate Expert There is no such thing as an expert in everything; Real Estate is too big an endeavor. 177790384