The Role of Email Marketing, Hyperlinks, and Success Habits - iF201-06 June 2019 - #LiveTrainingRE

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Developing a comprehensive Email Marketing Strategy starts with proper Databases - #LiveTrainingRE - there in fact 5 types of Email Resources and we need to learn how to leverage them to build a pipeline of Real Estate Leads. We will focus on Web-Centric Emails; Lead Generation Emails; One to One Emails; Transactions Emails; and Mas...

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Lead Management Systems and Successful Leads Conversion - iF201-05 June 2019 - #LiveTrainingRE

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Converting Leads in Real Estate is a Skill, a Learned and Practiced Skill - #LiveTrainingRE - Our Agents do not become good at Lead Conversion overnight; we must first train them with proper Systems; proper Scripts; proper Scheduled Follow-Up Calls, Texts, Emails, and Pop-bys; and surround them with proper St...

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Real Estate Web Platforms, Tools, Web Marketing, and Me Time - iF201-04 June 2019 - #LiveTrainingRE

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Real Estate Agents and Brokers must master Marketing at every level - #LiveTrainingRE - and Websites play a big role; but they are not all manufactured the same. There is in fact a way to measure the effectiveness of a website when it comes to Marketing, SEO, Tags, Keywords, and Stickiness - your website needs the right puzzl...

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Leads Conversion, Web Platforms, and Success Habits - 3 Sessions of i-FAStTRAC Week of June 18th- #LiveTrainingRE

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This is Training Week with Key Yessaad, and my i-FAStTRAC Classes will focus on these topics: Leads Conversion, Email Marketing, Web Platforms, and Real Estate Success Habits. The Sessions are Tuesday June 18th, Wed 19th, and Thu 20th - #LiveTrainingRE - Closing Deals in Real Estate is all about developing the right system...

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Internet Marketing Bio, Visibility, and Inbound Validation - iF201-03 June 2019 - #LiveTrainingRE

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If customers read about you online will they get good insights about what you do? - #LiveTrainingRE - Furthermore will they know what locations you specialize in Real Estate? It all starts with a proper Internet Marketing Bio, and unfortunately few agents ever bother to put one together; and worse few sequence it properly. An...

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Web Crawlers, Indexing, and the Role of Search Marketing - iF201-02 June 2019 - #LiveTrainingRE

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How Real Estate, Websites, and Inbound Marketing intersect is best understood by studying Web Crawlers; #LiveTrainingRE - These computer programs employed by Search Engines crawl the Web in search for Content, and extract keywords and Meta-Tags. Before any Real Estate Professional decides to build or enhance a website/Blog they must become...

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The Fundamentals of Internet Marketing in Real Estate - iF201-01 June 2019 - #LiveTrainingRE

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Traditional Marketing and Internet Marketing are not the same! #LiveTrainingRE - It is the distinction between Outbound Marketing and internet based Inbound Marketing. The Job of a Real Estate Agent is to understand the Psychology of what Buyers and Sellers are doing online, as well as the role Search Engines. In Session 1 of...

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Inbound Marketing, Web Crawlers, and Internet Bios - 3 Sessions of i-FAStTRAC Week of June 4th- #LiveTrainingRE

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The first 3 sessions of The i-FAStTRAC 201 Program are this week, Tuesday June 4th, Wed 5th, and Thu 6th. #LiveTrainingRE - I will focus on the Fundamentals of Inbound Marketing, Real Estate SEO, Web Crawlers, Hyperlinks, Real Estate Search, and how to properly put together a Visibility Bio on the Internet. The agents who are integrating the...

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Lead Generation Session #11 of i-FAStTRAC 101 Topic

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Lead Generation on the Internet is actually quite easy; #livetrainingre - throw enough money at it and you will generate ‘Internet Registrations’ – Closing said leads requires skill, diligence, deliberate intent, excellent scripts, and a mindset nurtured by patience and long term incubation. During Session 11 of the i-FAStTRAC 101 Real Estate Training Program Kevin and I will nudge you towards understand the right kind of thinking you must possess to co...

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Lead Management Systems do not produce Results if the Habits and Thinking are nor present!

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Today is Wednesday July 3rd and Kevin and I are going to focus on Real Estate Lead Management – Are there Habits and Systems that Real Estate Agents can learn to increase their Success Rate?


Did you know that 97% of Internet Leads are never converted? and the biggest culprit is lack of patience from the agent as well as a lack of a systematic approach.


Today we nudge our age...

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Broker Referral Program and Quarterly Video Update of The i-FAStTRAC Real Estate Training

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Here we are at the beginning of Summer 2013 and Kevin and I (Key) wish to share with you a Quarterly Update for our Real Estate Training Program, as well as announce our Paid Referral Program.


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