Real Estate SEO Web Strategies Advanced starts August 31st

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Session 5 through 8 of Real Estate Web Strategies Advanced starts today on Kevin Ahearn’s Live Interactive System. The Series was designed for Real Estate Agents and Brokers who understand the proper tools of their Web Containers (Websites), and now have embarked on a journey to rank for their primary keywords. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is driven by two (2) fundamental ideas: Your Website (Content) and the links that come to you (Back-Links). Of course th...

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Session 4 - Blogging, Social Media, SEO, and Internet Traffic

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This Friday we come to Session 4 of 4 in our series Real Estate Web Strategy Success. In this 2 1/2 hour session we will focus on the concept of Blogging Strategically not just for its SEO Benefits and Google Visibility, but to truly serve our clients as they visit our websites. Those who manipulate Social Media, Blogs, and Websites for ranking pur...

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Hyperlinks, Landing Pages, and Internet Presence - Session 3 April 6th

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This coming Friday, April 6th, is Session 3 of the 4-Part Workshop Real Estate Web Strategy Success. The session is tilted is ‘Hyperlinks, Landing Pages, and Internet Presence’ and will focus on the Verbs of the Internet. If the internet had a natural language its verbs would be Hyperlinks, commonly called Links; and just as verbs form the action of your natural language; hyperlinks are where all the action happens on Web pages, Blogs, and Search Engin...

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The Fundamentals of your Real Estate Web Container - Web Strategy Success Session 2

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Session 2 of Real Estate Web Strategy Success takes place this coming Friday, March 23rd, and focuses on the topic of "The Fundamentals of your Web Container." What everyone calls Websites I call 'Web Containers' in order to convey to Real Estate Brokers and Agents the message that the tools and ingredients that are integrated within your container will either build your long term visibility or will make it nonexistent.


The 4-session series, Rea...

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Las Vegas NV Web and Blog Strategy Trainings April 11th and 12th

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Brandon Roberts, the Regional Owner of Exit Realty Nevada, has invited me to hold a couple of Strategic Internet Trainings in Las Vegas focused on SEO, Internet Marketing, Blogs, Social Media, Websites, and Lead Generation.


Day 1, Wednesday April 11th, is focused on the fundamentals of I...

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The Principles of Internet Marketing in Real Estate - Starts today

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Today, Wednesday March 7th, at 11am EST is Session One (1 of 4) of Real Estate Web Strategy Success; today's session focuses on The Principles of Internet Marketing and the Core Ideas of Real Estate SEO (Search Engine Optimization.)


Every Real Estate Agent has come to appreciate how central the Internet has become in the lives of Buyers and Sellers but some keep calling it Technology, and that's where some the challenges begin; The fact that the Internet ...

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Real Estate Web Strategy Success – March and April 4 Sessions

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The second series of Real Estate Web Strategy Success will start Wednesday March 7th, 2012 and I am very excited about it. I have already held a full series (4-sessions) for Kevin Ahearn on his Live Interactive System and many agents and brokers have responded quite well to it. This second series is in essence the same as the first one – y...

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Tennessee Real Estate Web Marketing Trainings

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Tennessee Real Estate Web Marketing Trainings

Exit Realty Brokers "By Invitation Only" Trainings Tuesday July 14th in Middle Tennessee and July 16th, 2009 in Eastern Tennessee

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